Police are warning people about inheritance and 'black money' scams after a local was fleeced $80,000.
Police are warning people about inheritance and 'black money' scams after a local was fleeced $80,000.

'You've inherited $17m': local scammed in black money rort

SCAMMERS have targeted a Northern Rivers local, fleecing them of more than $80,000.

Senior Constable David Henderson from Lismore Police District said local person was contacted early last year and told that a relative of theirs died in the 2011 Japanese Tsunami, leaving them $17,000,000 in their will.

Arrangements were made for the victim to fly to Dubai to collect the money; while there the victim was told that more fees had to be paid and the money was now in Amsterdam.

The victim later flew to Amsterdam and was told that the money had a secret dye on it which had to be removed.

The victim paid money over and over again to the scammers to buy more dye, as the scammers told them that the process kept failing.

The scammers eventually told the victim that the money had been accidentally destroyed by the dye, but if they paid $177,000 they would give them $48,000,000 - but they would need extra money to clean the dye off it too.

The victim has lost more than $80,000 of their money and now realises it is a scam.

This was a combination of two scams; the Inheritance scam and the Black Money scam.

The inheritance scam involves receiving an email saying that someone you have never heard of has died during a natural disaster, leaving you a fortune in their bank account. The bank wants to give the money to you, but will keep hitting you for unexpected fees. Obviously there was no dead relative you have never heard of nor a massive amount of money. A copy of a Inheritance Scam letter (not related to this matter) is attached.

The Black Money Scam is where where con artists attempt to fraudulently obtain money from a victim by persuading them that currency notes that have been dyed to avoid detection by authorities. The victim is persuaded to pay fees and purchase chemicals to remove the dye, with the promise of a share in the proceeds.

Snr Constable Henderson said if you get one of these emails to delete it and block the sender from sending you further emails. He said this scam seems to have been run out of Africa. #LismoreScamWatch

Senior Constable Henderson asked people not to mock the victim in this matter as they have suffered enough.

"The victim has requested I do an article in order to warn other people about this scam," he said