ON STAGE: Witiyana, Yirrnga and Yirrmal perfomring as Yothu Yindi & The Treaty Project.
ON STAGE: Witiyana, Yirrnga and Yirrmal perfomring as Yothu Yindi & The Treaty Project. Kevin Bergin

Yothu Yindi introduces new generation of Aboriginal stars

YOTHU YINDI & The Treaty Project was inspired by the new remix package celebrating the 25th anniversary of Treaty (Filthy Lucre Remix), which resulted in ARIA Hall of Fame inductees Yothu Yindi reuniting with Gavin Campbell of production outfit Filthy Lucre, in a reinvigorated formation.

The outfit features original Yothu Yindi members, along with emerging First Nations artists and special guests performing new remixes of classic Yothu Yindi hits (courtesy of producers Nubreed, Lostep and Filthy Lucre), plus brand new material, all with an electronic twist in a cross-generational celebration of cultural diversity.

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The core line-up of this fluid collective features founding members of Yothu Yindi - Witiyana Marika, Stuart Kellaway and Kevin Malngay Yunupingu who are joined on stage by former band member Ben Hakalitz along with popular Indigenous singer/ songwriters Yirrmal (son of Witiyana), Dhapanbal Yunupingu (daughter of the late Dr M. Yunupingu), renowned cabaret artist Kamahi Djordon King and emerging Yolngu singers, Yirrnga Yunupingu and Yimala Gurruwiwi.

Rounding out the group is multi-instrumentalist Ania Reynolds (the current musical director of Circus Oz), Kellaway's son Roy on guitar, along with DJ and producer Gavin Campbell on additional percussion and the Toraiz SP-16 sampler.

This bespoke ensemble performed Treaty at the Closing Ceremony of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018.