A South Grafton woman was sentenced for reckless wounding in Grafton Local Court on Monday.
A South Grafton woman was sentenced for reckless wounding in Grafton Local Court on Monday. Rob Williams

Woman flees NSW after violent stabbing

A SOUTH Grafton woman who fled the state for three years after committing a violent stabbing was sentenced in Grafton Local Court on Monday.

Ashley Wilson, 26, lived in Queensland for three years until two months ago when she handed herself into police.

According to police facts tendered to the court, on October 3, 2015, Wilson ambushed a woman she knew to be an ex-partner of her partner at the time.

Facts reveal the victim was parked on a South Grafton street, outside her friends' home, and was leaning into her car to grab something out of the glove box when she felt a presence behind her.

The victim turned around to find Wilson standing there wielding a "large yellow knife" in her right hand.

Wilson stabbed the woman in her forearm as she moved it to defend herself, before Wilson ran from the scene with the knife still in hand.

The court heard the victim was taken to Grafton Base Hospital and then transferred to Gold Coast Hospital for surgery.

Wilson was later charged with reckless wounding to face court, but absconded to Queensland, where her solicitor Michael Lantis said she used her time "effectively".

Now a mother of two young children, Mr Lantis told the court his client had "turned her life around" from the time of the crime when she was in "the throes of an ice addiction".

He said Wilson has started a TAFE course and wants to become a youth worker.

He said she believed she could empathise and engage with young people having come from a "turbulent" time in her early 20s.

Magistrate Kathy Crittenden said the victim sustained nerve damage from the stabbing and would undoubtedly suffer the effects of the crime her entire life.

Ms Crittenden said a prison sentence was the only appropriate option, but could be served in the community.

Wilson was sentenced to a 14-month intensive corrections order with 150 hours of community service.