FILL THESE SHOES: 2018 Jacaranda Princess Caitlin Leek and Queen Bronte Cameron.
FILL THESE SHOES: 2018 Jacaranda Princess Caitlin Leek and Queen Bronte Cameron. Adam Hourigan

Will you be the next Jacaranda Queen?

IF BECOMING royalty has always been your dream, your chance awaits to reign over the 85th annual Jacaranda Festival.

Applications are open for young women aged 18-28 to enter the 2019 Jacaranda Queen quest and for women with plenty of life experience to take on the role as matron of honour.

Jacaranda Festival director of candidates Leanne Smith said this was not a beauty contest but a fantastic way to meet people and make new friends.

"Young women can get out of this some great self-confidence and business skills," she said.

"They get to experience the community of Grafton come together and they get to experience the Jacaranda Festival in a different light."

Ms Smith said being part of the royal party was more than crowns and floats.

Queen candidates will be invited to attend local preschools, open luncheons and be guests of honour at the famous Jacaranda Afternoon Tea.

"Our Queen and her party are often invited to attend other events such as the Australia Day Awards," Ms Smith said.

"We are seeking a modern, 21st-century girl who wants to be a role model and an ambassador to the community."

Ms Smith said the matron of honour would take on a mentoring role for the candidates.

"We are looking for someone who feels that they can give those mothering and nurturing skills to help our queen candidates," she said.

To find out everything that will be happening at the upcoming festival, head along to the annual general meeting to be held this Tuesday, February 26, at Grafton District Services Club.

For more information or to apply phone Mark Blackadder on 0429 167 732.