A car photographed on Brooms Head beach with children hanging out the window and sitting in the front seat.
A car photographed on Brooms Head beach with children hanging out the window and sitting in the front seat.

Will this be the solution to Brooms Head beach 4x4 issue?

EAGER to avoid being labelled the "fun police” the Clarence Valley Council has voted to rely on an honesty system at the vehicle entrances at Brooms Head beach and the breakwall access at Wooli Beach.

Cr Arthur Lysaught moved an amendment to the officers' recommendation that would see the 'no controlled' features installed.

Instead of a locked gate, or similar, a boom gate will be installed at the two beach entries to ensure people accessing the beach in their vehicles retain access while acting as a deterrent for people without permits.

Council also ruled out locking the gates during the Queensland and NSW school holidays.

Cr Lysaught said a small group of people were guilty of doing the wrong thing but he wanted to make sure the fishermen of Brooms Head and Wooli retain full access to the beach.

"People went there because of the lifestyle and their joy and love of the beach. Getting onto the beach and living their lifestyle (is part of that),” he said.

"We don't want to be the fun police. We are just reacting to a small amount of people doing the wrong thing.”

A number of deputations were made at the meeting with one man calling for a trial of something similar to the boom gate to see if it would deter those people who drive dangerously on the beach.

A Brooms Head fishermen argued that during his time living in the coastal village he had rarely seen people using the beach inappropriately and fishermen should be able to access the beach in their vehicles.

Another Brooms Head resident called for four-wheel-drive access to the beach to be prohibited.

Mayor Jim Simmons said there were a some issues with Cr Lysaught's motion and he would be using the next week to seek further information to ensure councillors made the right decision for both communities.

"We would be looking to shore up the motion that we've got before us by perhaps specifying what we'd like to see by way of controls,” he said.

"(We should be) putting some provision in there about what we expect by way of controls on the beach at Brooms Head and also perhaps reviewing the fees, whether it be an increased or annual fee or quarterly (or similar).”

Cr Lysaught's motion will go before the full council meeting next week.