Trees between Yamba's Convent and Pippi beaches destroyed by vandals.
Trees between Yamba's Convent and Pippi beaches destroyed by vandals. Clarence Valley Council

'Why tell everyone there are criminals nearby?'

HOW DOES ONE councillor want to deal with the alleged poisoned trees in Yamba?

While Clarence Valley Council's policy against tree vandalism instructs them to erect a 1.8m by 8m sign where alleged poisoned trees in South Head Park, Yamba, near Pippi Beach, were discovered by council workers, Cr Karen Toms said she's prefer visitors to the Clarence Valley didn't know about the vandalism.

"This is a very disturbing report before us and I hate the fact that someone is killing these beautiful trees," she said.

"I don't condone it but I don't see that erecting large sings that tell the world that we have criminal residents near by.

"I supported a similar thing for Flinders Park area... at least we don't have big ugly signs up (there) that we have vandals and criminals. I'm not into putting signs up."

Cr Toms questioned council staff about view corridors and how they came into play when replacing vegetation in areas like this.

Cr Toms said when council has dealt with similar issues like this in the past, there has been amendments made in regards to ensuring residents view corridors are maintained.

Corporate Governance and Works director Troy Anderson said the council officers made this recommendation in line with their policy.

"If we don't keep those view corridors, sadly it will happen again. It is just the case," Cr Toms said.

When the option of re-planing the area with low shrubs was discussed, Cr Greg Clancy asked if that defeated the point of the policy.

"Your saying to anyone: 'get rid of the trees and we will put little ones in so we don't have a problem'," Cr Clancy said.

Mr Anderson said council staff would replace the dead vegetation with the appropriate plants.

Council received the report of alleged tree poisoning in April 2018, and while the complaint was about the Pippi Beach reserve, on further investigation they discovered more vandalised trees in South Head Park.

Council have not been able to ascertain who is responsible for the alleged tree poisoning.

Councillors will make a decision on this issue at the full council meeting on June 26.