Amie Want of Champions Choice Millinery.
Amie Want of Champions Choice Millinery. Adam Hourigan

Which hat for the races? Our experts are on top of it

THE KEY to a good hat choice for the races is clear.

If you're going to do it, go for it.

Local milliners Amie Want of Champions Choice Millinery and Leonie Apps of Leonie May Millinery showed off their extensive range to an eager crowd at the Maclean Bowling Club High Tea Fashion Parade last week, and both agreed if you wanted to be noticed, to go big.

"You have to make a statement,” Ms Want said. "Especially if you're going to go in the fashions on the field don't be shy.”

"A lot of people think they can't pull it off because they're not used to it, but I always have big pieces and don't think twice.”

Ms Apps agreed, telling people to go for it, although to keep comfort in mind with the hat choice.

"You'll be in it all day, so you do have to be comfortable, but if it's comfortable, why not go for it?”

Both women agreed animal print was very in fashion at the moment - "though we're probably two years behind the European fashion,” Ms Apps said.

"Mustand and burnt orange are the popular colours, the warmer colours and natural tones are very popular,” Ms Want said.

"And of course back goes with anything,” Ms Apps said. "It's always been a safe colour to wear.”

For those lacking the confidence, Ms Apps said a small fascinator would suit.

"Some of the older laders have thinner hair, and often people with glasses hats don't work with, so they look for something smaller,” she said.

"They might go with a headband which are easy to wear and put on,” Ms Want added.

Both women also agreed to remember the time of year, and get appropriate hatwear for the season.

"For winter you're looking at hand-blocked leather and felt,” Ms Want said.

"Definitely leather and felt,” Ms Apps agreed. "It is a winter racing carnival, and anything that's seethrough on the hat is suited for spring/summer.”