DRY conditions are forcing the Valley's flying fox population to get up close and personal with their human neighbours.

Clarence Valley residents have reported an increase in unusual flying fox activity where animals forage for food, sometimes during the day and in areas much lower to the ground.

One grey-headed flying fox was spotted foraging in a bottle brush bush near Lawrence Preschool on Monday while dead animals have been spotted around the region.


If you see a sick, injured or orphaned flying-fox or bat please keep your distance, do not touch it or try to contain it.

Contact WIRES immediately on 1300 094 737 or contact the Bat Hotline on 0405 724 635.

WIRES: Gould's Microbat
WIRES: Gould's Microbat

If you are waiting for a WIRES rescuer to arrive and you are able to safely provide some form of shade over the flying-fox to keep it out of the direct sun, please do. If the flying-fox is on the ground and it's a hot day, you can place a cool towel or umbrella over it until the rescuer arrives.

The grey-headed flying-fox is listed as vulnerable to extinction and WIRES work closely with the community to ensure their protection and preservation.

Information sourced from WIRES