Village Angels Hockey Club president Libby Welldon (right) battles for the ball during a Grafton Hockey Association clash.
Village Angels Hockey Club president Libby Welldon (right) battles for the ball during a Grafton Hockey Association clash.

Village Green lend Angels a hand during dark times

HOCKEY: The cogs are starting to turn on life in the Clarence Valley once again and while some struggle to get back on their feet, they are still finding a way to help others.

That is the case for the Village Green Hotel, who despite having a difficult time getting themselves out of the COVID-19 rut, have pledged to help the hockey clubs they sponsor.

Teaming up with the hotel, Village Angels Hockey Club will lead the weekly 100 Club raffle in which tickets are sold through the Vallage Green bottle shop throughout the week, with the winner taking $100 and the rest going to the Angels.

Village Angels are one of the six clubs that have major sponsorship ties with the hotel and president Libby Welldon was bewildered by their support.

“They’ve been down and out themselves but god love them, they’ve still been trying to support the hockey community,” Welldon said.

“They’ve been trying to think of ways to keep themselves open so it’s amazing that they are looking to keep us clubs afloat during this tough time.”

Village Angels have been sponsored by the hotel for six years and Welldon said they have always been incredibly supportive towards her club.

“They are always looking for ways to try and support us. Running a hockey club can cost a lot of money but their sponsorship goes a long way for us,” she said.

“With the current state of the community we aren’t sure how many people are going to be able to afford to play. Hockey NSW and Grafton Hockey Association are struggling as well, they need the money for maintenance and operation so it falls back onto the clubs.

“GHA are still figuring out how the season is going to work but we’re lucky we had our two teams locked in for the season. We’ll just wait to see what happens now.”

Angels will kick off the 100 Club raffle on Friday night (May 22), with tickets at $2 a piece.

Welldon was thankful for the help of key figures at the Village Green during their COVID-19 recovery.

“Charlie Malder, Maddy McDonald and Mark Knott are doing their part to help out the community and it’s great to see. We’re so thankful for all they’ve done,” she said.

Members of the Angels will be on deck at the Village Green drive through on Friday, with other sponsored clubs to follow in the weeks to come.