A HIGH speed pursuit that started in Grafton came to a fiery end at Crabbes Creek yesterday afternoon, with two people arrested after the chase.

About 10.50am on Sunday morning, a Ford Falcon allegedly failed to stop for a random breath test in Grafton when police first started the pursuit, before it was called off for safety concerns.

Less than two hours later at 12.30pm the vehicle was spotted by police at Wardell, who attempted to stop it. When it failed to stop, police began the pursuit again.

The chase ended about 1.15pm, but not before police used spikes, which resulted in the car driving more than 45km on only one tyre and three rims.

The car caught on fire shortly after the chase ended, when the driver, a 20-year-old male and his 24-year-old female passenger were arrested on the scene and taken to Bryon Bay Police Station.

A Grafton couple who were travelling north over the weekend managed to capture footage of the wreck for The Daily Examiner.