The farmer is expected to defend the allegations he stole and inflicted harm upon livestock.
The farmer is expected to defend the allegations he stole and inflicted harm upon livestock. NSW Police

'Very large' brief of evidence in calf theft, cruelty case

THE lawyer for a farmer accused of calf theft and cruelty has asked for more time to review the case against him.

Brian John Donaldson, 35 is expected to defend allegations, including that he stole calves from a Myrtle Creek property in May.

The Casino man was not required to appear before Casino Local Court when his matter was mentioned briefly on Thursday.

He previously pleaded not guilty to stealing five calves from a Myrtle Creek property, committing an act of aggravated cruelty upon them, altering or destroyed their stock identifiers, applying brands or identifiers to the stock without the owner's consent and failing to notify the owner when their livestock was impounded on his land.

He has not entered a formal plea to a further charge of not possessing accurate transport stock statements.

This allegation arose from his alleged movement of the livestock from "Oaklands" at Gibberagee to the Northern Rivers Livestock Exchange.

Police will allege the defendant found cows, calves and a bull which belonged to his neighbour mixed in with his own herd during mustering.

He allegedly returned the cows and bull but kept the calves on his property, violently removing large parts of their ears along with their original ear tags.

Mr Donaldson was arrested at the saleyards in June.

Solicitor Peter Comerford, who appeared on Mr Donaldson's behalf, asked for the matter to be adjourned and the prosecution made no objection to this.

"It's a very large brief with a large record of interview," Mr Comerford said.

Mr Donaldson will be excused from appearing if he's legally represented when the case returns to court on September 19.