BIG CONTRIBUTION: Umpire Bruce Baxter .
BIG CONTRIBUTION: Umpire Bruce Baxter . Matthew Elkerton

Umpire's efforts out in the middle recognised

SENIOR SPORTSPERSON: It is not just the cricketers who get a thrill out of walking onto the hallowed turf of the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Bruce Baxter admitted as much when joining the privileged group of umpires who had officiated at the stadium.

"You get a great sense of history, even the umpires get a buzz going there," he said. "Especially when you look up at the honour boards with the names of umpires and century-makers alike."

Choosing an umpire as Senior Sportperson of the Month for February is a left-field move but the important contribution that Baxter makes alongside other officials is beyond doubt. Chosen for his outstanding commitment to the game of cricket and his consistency in approach and decision-making, he is considered the No.1 umpire in the region.

Baxter recently officiated the Plan B Regional Bash at the SCG, which is considered one of the highest appointments for country umpires and pits the two best regional NSW teams against one another in a Twenty-20 showdown.