One of the posts received by residents.
One of the posts received by residents.

Online trolls attack Ulmarra residents over road safety push

A TIRADE of threats and vulgarity has been directed at Ulmarra residents since the campaign to make their town safer for motorists was last week thrust into the national media spotlight.

Shortly after Channel Nine's The Today Show aired a segment about motorists speeding through the town, Ulmarra residents have experienced bullying both online and on the road.

Members of an Ulmarra community Facebook group were subjected to degrading comments and threats of violence if they didn't "pull their head in" with regard to campaigning for a safer road before the offensive posts were removed by administrators. Most of the comments were directed at one Ulmarra resident behind the Let's Not Wait campaign.

"Maybe this basic looking c--- might have something to do with it," one comment said, with reference to vehicles speeding through Ulmarra.

"It might happen a lot more too if this basic m--- don't pull his head in."

Residents also reported a small number of trucks deliberately sounding their horns at night, some as early as 4.30am.

One individual posted "toot toot, wakey, wakey f---wits," onto the Ulmarra page before making lewd comments about specific residents for speaking out.

Residents have attempted to clarify the purpose of the campaign, which has never targeted truck drivers, but to reduce speeding and prevent driver fatigue, but it seems to still be falling on deaf ears.

"Why are so many truck drivers up in arms if you are all doing the right thing and abiding by the speed limits?" one resident said in the Facebook group.

"Our campaign is to make our town and community safer and encourage all motorists to abide by the rules in our town," another resident added.

"We just want our village to be safer for everyone."