Ricky William Shaw had a hilarious moment while stuck in traffic recently.
Ricky William Shaw had a hilarious moment while stuck in traffic recently.

Tough looking truckie's hilarious 'embarrassing' confession

WHAT'S your favourite tune to listen to while you're out on the open road?

Something by Aussie icons AC/DC like Highway to Hell or something classic from Guns and Roses like Welcome to the Jungle?

Or is not any classic rock at all - something country, or pop even?

Well, this truckie accidently shared his musical tastes with the world when he was sitting at a set of traffic lights recently.

Ricky William Shaw shared his "embarrassing" story in the Truckin' in QLD Facebook group over the weekend.

"Because I've got no idea how to Bluetooth connect my phone to the stereo, or even if it does that, I've got a set of headphones I put on and play music through my headphones so no-one else can hear it except for me," he said.

"That's all well and good until you're in traffic. I've got the window down and I'm belting out tunes left right and centre. I'm singing away and I look down beside me and there's this lovely young little girl looking up and smiling and having a giggle.

"I realised what I was doing, I was pretty embarrassed. Not so much because I was caught singing but it was what I was singing.

"I wasn't singing anything masculine like AC/DC or Guns and Roses like I should have been, no, I was singing Shania Twain's Man I Feel Like A Woman.

"Imagine how much of a d*ckhead I felt. Me being me, I gave her a wink and said see ya later and took off."

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