Toilet door a ‘casualty’ in XPT

A GRAFTON reader's faith in travelling safety on trains has been shaken after a toilet door collapsed on a recent XPT service between Sydney and Grafton.

On The Daily Examiner's Facebook page, Robyn Summers-Shelley said there was a load noise like an explosion during her trip on June 30.

"After 10pm the internal lights on the service are turned off to allow people to sleep.

"There was a loud bang, it sounded like a bomb going off," she wrote.

"One of the heavy steel doors fell off one of the toilet cubicles. It fell inwards and crashed down.

"There was a lady with a small child in her arms standing nearby. There was no one in the cubicle otherwise they would have been injured, or even killed.

"As the two crew carried the door through the train, they said, while passing me, 'another casualty of the XPT train service'."

A NSW TrainLink spokesman confirmed a toilet door was dislodged on the Brisbane-to-Grafton service on Sunday night. The door was removed by onboard staff for safety reasons and placed in a secure location on the train.

The train returned to the XPT Maintenance Centre at Sydenham for servicing and the door was resecured to the hinges, however more work was required and due to the short timeframe available to maintenance staff, the toilet was locked, with customers able to use other toilets on the train.

Doors are inspected every two days by trades staff, cleaners and crew. There is also a service and inspection every 90 days at the Maintenance Centre.