Bats sit in the trees above the carpark at Maclean High School.
Bats sit in the trees above the carpark at Maclean High School. Adam Hourigan

The time's right for a new school

AS A graduate of Maclean High School, and someone who has lived on Cameron St right under the nose of the pesky flying foxes for most of my life, I feel like I am relatively well equipped to pay my two cents and have a say in the debate of whether or not Maclean High School should be moved, or at the very least a new one built, some place away from the cemetery and bats.

In my personal opinion, I'd like to see the bats gone. I will admit, the sight of thousands of bats flying off into the sunset is certainly a spectacle, but it's one that grows old quickly. Couple that with the stench (which is worse every time it rains), the bat droppings on the car and the screeching noise every morning when they come home to roost and the negatives tend to far outweigh the benefits.

When it comes to the high school, they definitely do pose a problem. There were more than a handful of times where I came across dead bats under the trees where they live on and near the sports grounds, and the smell and faeces are just as much a problem for the students and staff as it is for residents.

In the long-run, a new high school in the Lower Clarence will be a necessity as the population of the area expands, especially in Townsend and Gulmarrad.

If the NSW Government has got cash to splash about, which they seem to have at the moment, now is the perfect time to push for the new school.