LOCAL TALENT: Dan Fahey's work will be a part   of the Pelican Briefs on August 6 and 7.
LOCAL TALENT: Dan Fahey's work will be a part of the Pelican Briefs on August 6 and 7. Caitlan Charles

Pelican Briefs showcases homegrown short plays

THE PELICAN Playhouse in South Grafton is celebrating writers in a two-night production showcase of local talent.

Pelican Briefs is a collection of original works by local playwrights, such as Dan Fahey, a veteran musical talent of Grafton, who will present a skit about injustice and an extract from a larger work.

"With a larger theme of kinship, and friendship and team work and perseverance," he said.

Fahey began writing plays as an extension of his hobby writing music.

"I write songs most of the time and this has come from that somehow," he said.

"I've got that skill of creating narrative and then it turns into something else."

Fahey added that he wanted to thank the Pelican Playhouse committee for the opportunity the Pelican Briefs have given writers.

"They've created this wonderful opportunity for the local people to showcase their talents and efforts."

Urunga writer Rob Simpson's short play Why Ronald McDonald Must Die will be performed in the Pelican Briefs.

Carolyn Stuart will also present her work. Stuart has won many awards for her work and is quietly obsessed with comedy and its ability to dismiss pretence.

Dorothy Hillis has been a regular performer, director and writer of plays within Grafton's theatrical societies over the past 30 years and will also showcase her work.

Pelican Briefs will be performed at the Pelican Playhouse in Through St, South Grafton on 7.30pm on Saturday, August 6 and 2pm on Sunday, August 7. Tickets are on sale now at South Grafton News & Gifts for $10.