An artist's impression of Caloundra South
An artist's impression of Caloundra South

Stockland pledges $300m to kickstart Caloundra South

FINAL negotiations to unlock a development south of Caloundra providing 20,000 homes for 50,000 people over 30 years could happen at a Sunshine Coast Regional Council meeting on June 15.

A Federal Government-ordered plan to provide a plan to protect a nationally-vulnerable frog species has been delivered.

Stockland on Wednesday said it would commit an immediate $300 million to kickstart the project.

Now the June 15 meeting - before the Sunshine Coast Regional Council's budget on June 25 - is likely to rule out a special levy on Sunshine Coast ratepayers to fund a $530 million shortfall for new roads, new schools and new water facilities needed for the development.

Sunshine Coast Regional Council, Queensland's Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning department and developer Stockland have been negotiating different infrastructure agreements for at least 12 months.

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