A man has been jailed for stabbing his wife in the back.
A man has been jailed for stabbing his wife in the back.

Wife stabbed in front of kids

A MAN drunkenly stabbed his wife in front of his two young children just three months after he was served with a domestic violence order, the Supreme Court has heard.

The man drove his two sons into Alice Springs after he left his wife bleeding on a lounge room floor in August last year.

He pleaded guilty to unlawfully causing serious harm to his wife who he knifed in the back at a community which is just outside of Alice Springs.

Police served the man with a domestic violence order in May last year which restrained him from causing harm to his wife or being in her company while consuming alcohol.

The couple were drinking together late at night in August last year before they got into a verbal argument.

The man grabbed a knife from the kitchen and came back to the lounge room to stab her on the upper right side of her back which bled heavily.

The man's two young sons were in the room and witnessed the stabbing.

The victim's aunty woke up to the disturbance and found her bleeding on the floor and performed first aid.

The man drove his kids into Alice Springs and left them with family members.

The woman suffered fractures on two of her ribs.

Crown prosecutor Elyse Williams told the Alice Springs Supreme Court the woman also suffered from a hemopneumothorax which is blood and air in the chest cavity.

The woman could have died if she was not rushed to the emergency department.

The man has a history of violence towards women with offences dating back to 1999.

Defence lawyer Danielle Cooper said her client engaged in a family violence program before the incident but he did not complete the course.

The court also heard the defendant was exposed to "payback violence" in his family and two of his nephews were killed when he was younger.

Justice Peter Barr said this violent cycle was not to blame for the attack against his wife.

"The only common denominator might be a tendency on your part to resort to violence to resolve disputes," Justice Barr said.

The man was sentenced to six years and nine months in jail with a non-parole period of four years and three months.