Gel blaster guns look similar to the real thing and shoot 7mm hydrocrystal gel pellets.
Gel blaster guns look similar to the real thing and shoot 7mm hydrocrystal gel pellets. Contributed

'Something you buy for $20 can put you in jail'

POLICE are warning of the dangers of pellet guns after the arrest of a man last week with a replica pistol.

Last week police arrested a 46-year-old after he was allegedly found in possession of crystal methamphetamine while driving an unregistered vehicle without a valid licence.

But it was the replica pistol he was alleged to have been in possession of which led Coffs/Clarence Police District Chief Inspector Jo Reid to issue a warning.

"When it's the middle of the night and the gun is black in colour, they look very, very real," she said.

"It is almost impossible to tell from 5m away."

Chief Insp Reid urged people to think about the ramifications of having such an item.

"So something you buy for $20 could land you in jail," she said.

This comes weeks after the Coffs/Clarence Police District posted another warning about gel blasters - a type of firearm that had grown in popularity across the country.

Gel blasters fire water-filled gel balls and are restricted in all states and territories except Queensland and South Australia.

"In NSW gel blasters are classified as an air gun, which is defined as a firearm and the gel ball has been classified as ammunition," Chief Insp Reid said.

"Gel blasters that substantially duplicate in appearance a military-style firearm are classified as a prohibited firearm."

The Coffs/Clarence Police District encouraged anyone who had a gel blaster or was considering acquiring one to seek relevant advice.

"Please be advised that it is an offence to possess or use a firearm, pistol or prohibited firearm unless the person holds the relevant licence or permit," Chief Insp Reid said.

"While the gel blaster and ammunition are regulated under the Firearms Act, there are additional, very serious offences in the Crimes Act that relate to possession and misuse of a firearm in a public place."