BIG PLANS: Danny Young of Espresso Botero. Photo: Adam Hourigan
BIG PLANS: Danny Young of Espresso Botero. Photo: Adam Hourigan

Something new brewing in Maclean

THERE'S plenty brewing at the espresso Botero headquarters in Maclean, and it's more than just the coffee.

From the outside the former mechanic's workshop looks nothing like it did 12 months ago.

Transformed with extensive remodelling inside and out and freshly coated with coffee-and-cream paintwork, the building will soon re-open as a cafe and roastery.

Ten new jobs are being created to help with the expansion of one of Australia's fastest-growing coffee brands, owned by Harwood entrepreneurs Danny and Jill Young.

Working closely with the couple, espresso Botero's business and brand development strategist Louise Eckersley said spirited people were encouraged to apply.

"We are very open-minded about attracting the right people for these roles," Ms Eckersley said.

"Some positions will require existing skills, but for others it will be all about their attitude and how they will fit in to our team.

"We will provide training for the right people; the main requirements are a passion for coffee and a great spirit."

With roles including a chef, cooks, apprentice roaster, baristas, wait staff and a cafe manager, Ms Eckersley said there would be opportunities for people of all ages.

Working towards a February opening, the new building will feature an open-plan indoor-outdoor cafe to overlook the coffee roastery while the existing cafe would become a barista training centre.

Further down the track, Ms Eckersley said there were plans to expand the supply of roast coffee beans market from a domestic to an international one.

"Service is Botero's reason for being, so any expansion Botero embarks on, whether national or international export, will only happen when Botero knows it can deliver the level of service we hold ourselves accountable to," she said.


 10 new positions are being created and after expansion, espresso Botero will employ about 25 local staff.

 The red bricks in the new espresso bar and café are all recycled, some were made by convicts who left their mark, and the others are from a very old home on Harwood Island.

 Many aspects of the original building have been kept as possible, including the original hoist from Merv and Uki Sheehan's auto centre operations, which sits directly above the roasting machines.