IF SEVERE morning sickness is something only unlucky women suffer, then new mum Cassandra Perkins must have been the most unlucky woman in Gladstone.

She spent more than seven months feeling sick, every day, all day.

"Once it got to about 30 weeks it started ease up," Cassandra said.

"I dealt with it, but it was hard."

On May 14, 11 days before her due date, Cassandra was feeling ill again and decided to take a shower before spending the evening with friends.

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Again she was unlucky because the one day she and husband Lachlan had made plans, baby Aaliyah decided she wanted to join the party.

Cassandra's waters broke in the shower just after 4pm and at 9.45pm her first baby was born.

"They handed her to me straight away," Cassandra said.

"It was amazing. Her eyes were wide open and just staring up at me.

"Now I stare at her. I can't believe something so cute could have been inside of me. I look at her and think 'you're so cute, how can you be mine'."

For father Lachlan holding his baby girl, after seeing nothing but a bump in his wife's stomach for nine months, the realisation he's now a parent has hit home.

"I think it's finally sunk in for him now," Cassandra said.

The pair chose the name Aaliyah because they wanted something unique and had never come across another child with that name.