WATCH OUT: Snake handler Paul Jones found a brown snake at Coutts Crossing.
WATCH OUT: Snake handler Paul Jones found a brown snake at Coutts Crossing. Adam Hourigan

Snake season far from over

SNAKE season is far from over, and a local snake enthusiast has cautioned bush goers to keep an eye out.

"Keep an eye on the track, it's good to have a stick then at least if it goes to bite you you've got something to help you.”

Mr Jones found a brown snake at Coutts Crossing, and said it was an important reminder snakes are still out and about on sunny days.

When the weather starts to cool down people might assume our reptilian friends go into hibernation for the cooler months, but snake enthusiast Paul Jones warned snakes never truly hibernate.

"They camp somewhere, and when you get a sunny day they come out, and if there is any food around they'll grab it,” he said.

"But they can't really eat in the winter because their body cools down.”

The former WIRES volunteer is an avid believer the scaly creatures make a perfect, low maintenance pet.

"Having a pet snake is excellent, they are cuddly, and you only need to feed them once a month and you don't need to feed them in the winter time at all,” he said.

"Unlike a dog or cat you don't have to feed it everyday or groom it.”

WIRES advise anyone who sees a snake to stay well away.

"Keeping your lawn short and yard free of debris will reduce the likelihood of snakes in your yard.

If you stay well away from the snake it presents no immediate danger.

While many snakes are not venomous keep children and pets away from snakes at all times.

Snakes found in the wild should not be approached or picked up.

If you find a snake in or around your home, or find injured wildlife contact WIRES 1300 094 737.