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Smuggling drugs an act of love

A CRIMINAL act for love has left a South Grafton woman lucky not to be behind bars.

Rachel C Barnett, 39, appeared in Grafton Local Court on Monday on several charges including bring prohibited drug into place of detention and possess prohibited drug.

Police facts tendered to the court state Barnett visited her partner in Grafton Correctional Centre when an intercepted phone call led police to carry out a search of her possessions.

According to facts, the search revealed a syringe, resealable bags and a pink water balloon in her possession. Facts state Barnett had nearly one gram of cannabis and a dozen of a drug typically used to replace heroin or methadone.

Barnett's solicitor Greg Coombes submitted to the court his client made an "immediate admission" and was "disappointed in herself".

Mr Coombes said Barnett had no community ties and was in a "difficult situation".

"She knows her actions were wrong but the only person she is trying to keep happy is in custody."

Barnett was on a good behaviour bond at the time of the offence.

"If that's what love is, I must have it all wrong," Magistrate Karen Stafford said.

"If you keep down this path, you will end up in jail. Then we'll see if your partner visits you as much as you visit him."

Barnett was sentenced to a 12 month intensive corrections order with 100 hours community service.