BIG SPLASH: Members of the South Services club dive in at a meet in Dandenong.
BIG SPLASH: Members of the South Services club dive in at a meet in Dandenong. Jenny Vickery

Small margins at latest Grafton Services swim club


At Grafton Services swim club this week Captain Damien managed to sneak a 75m relay into the program causing members to scratch their heads as to what time they should nominate.

Teamed with another member, the first swimmer completed 50m freestyle, turn and then swim another 25m doing butterfly, breaststroke or backstroke. Then their partner then had to repeat the process.

It then became the judges' job to work out who had swum closest to their nominated time and coming home first, with 4.70 seconds off, were the hot little team of Jenny Vickery and Taj O'Mahony.

Damien O'Mahony and Terry Marsh scored second place just .05 behind the winners. Jack Weatherstone and Toni Ensbey were 5.40 seconds behind and squeezed into third place.

Terry Marsh, Jenny Vickery, Jake Kroehnert and Richard Sear were the finalists in the 25m freestyle sprint and Marshy, who is swimming very consistently at present won the event with a time just .12 off nominated.

Jenny placed second and didn't hold back, having a good humoured shot at Marshy because he had beaten her by .08. Jake scored points for his third placing.

The last event for the evening was the 25m B, B and B and Terry Marsh, Karlie Cleaver, David Moon, Bruce Durrington and our junior swimmer Taj O'Mahony competed.

Swimming against the "oldies” brought out the competitiveness in Taj and he covered the distance a tad too quick, breaking by .80. Next was the "in form” Marshy, who registered a time that couldn't be beaten and ended the night with two wins and one second.

David Moon took second place and Karlie beat Bruce home to take third.

A reminder to members that next Tuesday after the swim we will be dining out so if you haven't indicated your interest please contact Jenny so numbers can be finalised.