Manager of Maclean and Yamba coop shops and the Prawn Shack Lisa Taylor in front of the new signs.
Manager of Maclean and Yamba coop shops and the Prawn Shack Lisa Taylor in front of the new signs.

Showing off our prawns at new shack

IT MAKES sense that our premier seafood product should have its own place to shine and sell.

The Clarence Fishermen’s Coop has just opened the Yamba Prawn Shack in a bid to get our own prawns out to the public.

Located in a building at the Yamba Marina, the shop will only supply local prawns, bugs and oysters.

“We found that some of our customers were making comment that our store at the roundabout was extremely busy, because it sells a lot of the cooked fish as well as fresh seafood,” general manager of the Fishermen’s Coop said.

“So when our biggest seller is our local prawns, we thought we’d focus on relocating them.”

Fronted by a bright sign facing out onto Yamba Road, it leaves no doubt where locals and tourists alike can grab a fresh feed of prawns.

“The brand of Yamba prawns is strong, and the sign really says ‘here we are’,” Ms Adams said.

“There’s a lot of day-trippers coming to Yamba, and the further along the highway gets to open completely the easier access it is for day-trippers from like the Gold Coast.

“We’d like to promote the iconic Yamba prawns and Clarence River School prawns.”

Placed above the counter in the new shop is a montage of pictures of their local contributing trawlers, to acknowledge the work they did in bringing the fresh seafood to the cooperative.

Ms Adams said they were exciting about opening an new venue, ad n to be working with the marina precinct, and said that the building had already been a popular seafood outlet for many years previously.

With the new shop opening from 8.30-3pm seven days a week, Ms Adams said it would not change the operation of what would now be referred to as ‘the roundabout shop’.

“They’ll still have all the same food, with the fresh seafood, the cooked product, lots of fresh fish and fillets and what they do now,” Ms Adams said.

“The new shop just gives people another option to get our fastest moving product.”

On the prawns front, Ms Adams said that recent supply had increased, and orders, which can be taken at the three original co-op shops in Yamba, Maclean and Iluka were coming in quickly.

“However if you don’t get your order in, there’ll still be plenty of product on the day (Christmas Eve) in all four shops”, she said.