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Close up of lease agreement empty document with pen scyther5

Short term rentals rules stay in the too-hard basket

REGULATION of short-term rental accommodation in the Clarence Valley likely will remain in the too hard basket until the NSW Government releases an options paper on the matter.

Clarence Valley Council's Environment, Planning and Community committee recommended the council delay taking action on a planning proposal seeking to define short term rental accommodation for the purpose of devising controls for it.

In February the planning proposal came to the council, where it met strenuous objections from a residents group that threatened the council with legal action if it proceeded with the planning proposal.

The Yamba Residents Action Group told councillors home owners in Yamba were already experiencing problems with holiday renters staying at properties in residential zoned areas.

The group warned the council if it went ahead with a proposal to recognise the practice with a zoning change to recognise the short term rentals in the planning code, the group would take legal action.

The council has also notified residents of their responsibilities with short term rentals with advertisements and also plans to include an article on it in the council's newsletter.

The council director environment, planning and community, Des Schroder, said the council has received few complaints about properies used for short term rental accommodation.

These complaints have been about noise and parking problems generated by the number of people using the premises.

The council will also make a submission to the NSW Government when it released its consultation paper. The council has not been advised of a release date.