The Shooters Farmers and Fishers Party candidate for Clarence Steve Cansdell, with wild dog hunter Will Crisp and his dog, Bugs.
The Shooters Farmers and Fishers Party candidate for Clarence Steve Cansdell, with wild dog hunter Will Crisp and his dog, Bugs.

SFF calls for more wild dog control measures in Valley

WILD dog packs continue to increase in number in the Clarence Valley and authorities need to find better ways of protecting livestock and family pets from attack says a candidate for the upcoming State election.

"THERE are more wild dog packs than ever in the Clarence and Richmond valleys and the current Government practice of baiting 1080 meat baits is not working," said the Shooters Farmers and Fishers candidate Steve Cansdell.

"Baiting is indiscriminate. It does have a roll in areas with inaccessible terrain but in the Northern Rivers area with higher population density it is ineffective, indiscriminate and dangerous.

"The wild dog problem has got to a point where it is putting not only livestock in danger but also family pets."

Mr Cansdell said a family at Whiteman Creek told him their clothes line is 50m from their house, and they driver their washing to the clothes line because packs of more than a dozen wild dogs were at the back fence, just 100m from the house.

"Unless something is done to control this epidemic, it could very well put children and other people at risk of attack," Mr Cansdell said.

"All viable options should be explored, including the possibility of introducing a wild dog bounty.

"With all the reported attacks on stock in the Clarence the past 12 months you would expect the relevant authorities to take this issue seriously and look to proven methods with real results."

Mr Cansdell said he had gone out with the owner of Tracs Wild Dog Management, Bill Crisp, who targets wild dogs.

He said Mr Crisp once contracted for Local Land Services trapping dogs, but said this arrangement ended due to cost cutting measures.

Mr Cansdell learned the LLS has since returned to indiscriminate bait dropping with no evidence of successful outcomes.

"If this government can throw $2billion knocking down two stadiums in Sydney, surely they can put money in to ensure the safety of farmers stock, pets and more importantly their families' welfare," he said.

"I encourage all interested people to attend the Wild Dog Public Meeting on Wednesday February 27 at 6.30pm at South Grafton Ex Servicemen's Club, which has been called for by Amy Brown, and is expected to be attended by all candidates in the upcoming NSW State Election."

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