Vandalism at the Big River Sailing Club in Harwood.
Vandalism at the Big River Sailing Club in Harwood. Contribtued

SENSELESS VANDALISM: Sailing club targeted

AN ACT of vandalism has provided the Big River Sailing Club with more disappointing following the major destruction of their club house in January this year.

A vehicle's 'circle work' has left the community park in Harwood in ruins.

The club said disgusting behaviour in the remaining amenities block left doors kicked in, mirrors smashed, soap dispensers broken, and a faecal mess left in the ladies shower while alcohol cans and bottles left strewn about.

More damage was done on Thursday night when the park grounds have been torn up by hooning vehicles after the recent rain.

The slipway caretaker alerted the sailing club commodore, and police were called, but the club said the damage was done.

Sailing club members mow and maintain the whole of the park grounds for the enjoyment of the wider Harwood community.

Commodore Hariet Woodrow said she felt like crying when she saw the destruction.

"The club is working to repair the old amenities and reinstate a clubhouse, we all look after the park for locals to enjoy," she said.

"It's so disappointing and totally thoughtless.

"If someone knows who is doing this I hope they get called out on it and shamed."

If you have any information on this, contact Coffs/Clarence Police District on 66420222.