School yard incident causes confusion

FRIENDS of the student* accused of choking a Year 7 boy yesterday have come to his defence, stating that he was protecting himself.

"At one point, the younger one (who was allegedly choked) became overwhelmed by the situation and started getting aggressive," said a friend, who did not wish to be identified.

It is believed the student told the Year 7 boy to calm down and attempted to shake hands with him.

However, the boy allegedly invaded the student's personal space a number of times.

In response, the student pushed the boy away, at one point, grabbing and throwing him down behind, then holding him to the ground.

"He didn't bash the young kid, he just held him down to calm him down," the friend said.

The student allegedly attempted to make his way to the school's front office to alert staff to what was unfolding.

However, a second boy came up and put the student into a headlock.

It is believed that by the time the student alerted staff, the Year 7 boy's family had arrived at the school.

"He (the student) is traumatised by the whole thing. He's never been in trouble. He's an amazing kid... he's a lover not a fighter," they said.

"He makes mistakes too, as teenagers do, but he's not a violent kid at all."

In a statement released by the Department of Education, the school will be taking appropriate disciplinary action.

* no students could be identified in this story