South Grafton Public School students at their performing arts concert.
South Grafton Public School students at their performing arts concert.

School stars shine on the stage

St Joseph's Primary School South Grafton

As our Junior Joeys Investigators are, at present, unable to come to school each week, we have commenced a virtual transition to Kindergarten for 2021. Each week, Mrs Forwell and Mrs Deleiuen (as well as Big Ted!) have travelled to the students online. The virtual transition is reflective of the newly implemented Walker Learning Approach and each episode includes a focus on one of the learning spaces as well as familiarising the Junior Joeys with outdoor spaces and daily routines. We are striving to form positive family partnerships and foster each child's love of learning. Check in to Facebook and take a look, you will love it!

Although our assemblies are taking place via Zoom in each Stage, weekly Awards are still being presented to our very deserving students. Recipients are awarded for a variety of reasons, the most recent including - fantastic investigations, independent work habits, enthusiasm and on task behaviours, and for having a growth mindset when learning new and challenging concepts. Congratulations to all our award winners!

We also take this opportunity to congratulate our STAR Graduates, James, Charlotte, Koby and Harrison. These students have completed their reading program and celebrated their reading growth. Well done, we are so proud of you!

This Thursday, our Year 4 students will be taking part in an in-school Accendere Retreat Day. Accendere means to 'switch on', kindle to catch fire, light to strike, to produce/spark the flame. The theme is friendship and the story of the good Samaritan from Luke's Gospel will feature throughout the retreat.

Also on Thursday, our Kindergarten class will be celebrating Mass in their classroom. We are so grateful to Fr Joe and Fr Emmanuel for their continued support and the opportunity to celebrate Mass together. Each Stage takes turns in holding Mass in their classroom every fortnight.

We look forward to continuing our 'journey around the world' with art next week. We have had a short break as we have been busy creating masks over the past couple of weeks for Book Week, Stay tuned!

St Joseph's students enjoy pyjama day
St Joseph's students enjoy pyjama day


Stage 2 has recently held a "Pyjama Day". During this special day, the students also reflected on how much they enjoyed extended pyjama time while working from home during blended learning. Some snippets from their writing were "we were very warm in our pyjamas and still learnt in them", "even though we were wearing our pyjamas our focus was still learning", "they are really cosy, fluffy and warm" and "the even better thing about it was that you didn't have to get dressed in the morning". Finally, "even the teachers wore their pyjamas, it was a lot of fun!" What an amazing day!


South Grafton Public School

South Grafton Public School had a very busy week again last week. We joined all NSW Public Schools to celebrate SASS Recognition week. We would like to thank our wonderful SAS staff for their excellent contributions they all make daily to the running of our school and the very positive difference they also make supporting our teaching staff, community and students to help us all reach our goals.

Last Tuesday we posted our Kindergarten Orientation Video on our Facebook page. This is the first of a series of posts to assist our community and preschoolers. We will be posting a series of PPP activities with the first one starting this week. Our PPP participation home packs for our preschoolers will be available from our Infants office. If you have already returned your child's enrolment form please contact the Infants office to arrange collection or return your enrolment form asap so you may collect this pack for your child. This pack will include pencils, scissors, glue stick, white board marker and a personalised laminated name sheet and all required resources to participate in the online PPP activities.

Last Tuesday our boys and girls hockey teams played Grafton PS and Westlawn PS at the Grafton Hockey Fields. Our teams played with great sportsmanship and really enjoyed representing our school. The girls team progressed to the finals after two wins and then won the final 8-nil. It was great to have a boys team compete again, unfortunately they were defeated in both games but showed a lot of team spirit. The next sporting organisation games are football (soccer) which will be held on Tuesday 8th September at Rushforth Park.

Last Wednesday we held a modified Performing Arts Concert in our Primary Hall. All of our Dance Troupes and our Skipping team performed outstandingly and we were all very impressed with the excellent talent on display. Our thanks to Miss Amanda for her excellent choreographing of our dance performances. We are hopeful next term the guidelines may be relaxed and we will be able to hold a full concert with our parents in attendance.

Our Book Fair is up and running and our thanks to Mrs Heyman and Mrs Vickers for their organisation of this

wonderful initiative in our library. The Book Fair will continue until Thursday 3rd September. Thank you for your support! Information is available at

Our Book Character Parade is being held this week. We will be holding two parades one on each campus. We are very excited to see the amazing costumes.

Good luck to our school Debating team who are debating against Maclean Public School this week in the 2nd round of the Premier's Debating Challenge. Mr Davey from the NSW DEC Arts unit will again be adjudicating this debate.

Unfortunately we have been notified by the council that we cannot hold our Primary Athletics carnival at Junction

Hill as numbers are restricted to 100 when using council facilities. We will endeavour to rebook this carnival in Term 4 if guidelines have changed. If they have not we will hold a modified Athletics carnival in our school grounds.

Have a great week from South Grafton Public School.

South Grafton High School

The eight students in Year 11 who nominated to run for School Captain in 2021 faced the daunting challenge of delivering a speech to the entire school last week. Each of them composed engaging and informative speeches that were prerecorded and played to students in classrooms across the school. Each candidate spoke about their experiences at SGHS over the last five years and outlined their future aspirations if they were successful in gaining the prestigious position. Holly, Allan, Tahlia, Matthew, Alyissa, Jasmine, Denver and Charlotte should be incredibly proud of their efforts and we wish them luck in the coming election.

Over the past two years we have put a great deal of time and effort into improving the standard of uniform at SGHS and this has had a very positive impact on the profile of our school in the community. It has sent a clear message to others that our students are a group of respectful and responsible young people who are proud to belong to South Grafton High. It is therefore important that students continue to come to school every day in full school uniform. If, for any reason a student is not able to wear their uniform to school, they should report to the Library before school and we will provide them with one for the day. We appreciate your continued support with this matter.

The Year 9 Debate Team competed against Toormina High School on the topic of "Should Shakespeare still be taught in secondary schools." The adjudicator praised both teams for their excellent debate skills and high levels of maturity. Well done to all debaters and good luck to the Year 7/8 team who will be competing in their second debate on 4th September.

Maclean High School

Senior Debating off to a winning start

The Debating team are once again arguing their way to victory. After the original Senior Debating competition was cancelled earlier in the year a modified knockout competition commenced this term. Facing off against old rivals, from Toormina high school for their first debate the Maclean team had to argue on the topic: "Mindfulness meditation should be compulsory in secondary schools." The team were given the challenging position of arguing against mindfulness meditation in high school, and finding flaws in the affirmative team's proposed model.

Success for Maclean High's senior debating team
Success for Maclean High's senior debating team

The team were in fine form as they organised their 9-minute speeches in the one-hour preparation time and came out all guns blazing as the debate got underway. The state semi-finalists from last year welcomed a new addition to their team this year with Sophie Strange taking the first speaker position. For her debut Debating performance she definitely held her own among the veteran debaters, second speaker: Kai Hogan, third speaker: Paris Brailsford and team adviser Jonah Menzies. Led by their coach Miss Melissa O'Neill the team were the clear winners in this debate and now face off against Armidale Secondary College in the second round later this term.


Maclean High year 10 students participated in the 2 hour live online event bstreetsmart NSW
Maclean High year 10 students participated in the 2 hour live online event bstreetsmart NSW


All of Year 10 participated in the 2 hour live online event bstreetsmart NSW on Tuesday as part of the PDHPE unit Risky Business

bstreetsmart is the inspiring initiative of the Trauma Service at Westmead Hospital. Westmead's Trauma Service is constantly reminded through their hands-on work that young people aged between 15-30 are disproportionably represented in road trauma

bstreetsmart provides students with first hand experiences and:

•An understanding of their responsibilities as a driver and as a responsible passenger

•Information and strategies to avoid serious injuries and death

•Information on how to reduce risk taking behaviour through greater awareness of the consequences of distracted driving, inattention, speeding, drink and drug driving and driver fatigue.

Well done to all year 10 on their successful participation.


Maclean Public School

Working on a creative project such as working in the school garden or making a beautiful friendship bracelet can benefit student's skills in persistence, resilience and developing a positive mindset. Every Wednesday the students in stage 2 and 3 are invited to work on fabulous, fun projects in the garden or in the library.

The boys are reaping the benefits of seeing the school garden flourish and are taking an enormous amount of pride in feeding, watering, weeding the school garden. The girls are working as a team to produce some beautiful friendship bracelets, their persistence is paying off


Yamba Public School

Students enjoyed the different activities of Science Week