GLAD TO BE BACK: St Andrew's Christian School year 2-3 class in full swing with teacher Scott Anderson.
GLAD TO BE BACK: St Andrew's Christian School year 2-3 class in full swing with teacher Scott Anderson.

BACK TO SCHOOL: Class ahead of the curve

ST ANDREW'S Christian School's Clarenza campus has beaten its rivals back to full-time teaching after the COVID-19 lockdown by a full week.

School principal Janelle Rowe said most pupils were back in their classrooms at the school from Monday this week, ahead of the Statewide resumption next Monday.

"We've had between a 78 per cent to 90 per cent attendance rate this week," she said.

Ms Rowe said the school was physically in a good condition to begin full-time teaching again with its 27-acre campus providing plenty of physical space for the school population to follow social distancing regulations.

"Because we have small class sizes and lots of physical space it's much easier for us to follow the distancing guidelines," she said

"We were back for four days of last week and this week it's been the full give days."

St Andrew's has been operating through the COVID-19 lockdown period with almost full staff and about 20 students, whose parents were essential services workers.

She said the school had gone down an analog rather than digital path during the lockdown.

"From the outset we took a view that not all people would have access to the internet," she said.

"It meant a lot of photocopying early on as staff put together printed workbooks for students to use at home."

She said the school's learning support staff maintained contact with students and broadened their contact with the school, including internet access.

"We catered the learning to the needs and capabilities of each family," she said.

She said the school posted out work for students and eventually allowed people to come to school to pick up work.

"We watched the numbers and saw how quickly students handled the work."

She said the school's year 12 students had come to school quite often, to minimise disruption to their studies.

BACK TO SCHOOL: What parents need to know

WITH the NSW Premier announcing schools  going go back full time next week, there is still plenty of confusion about what a typical school day will look like during the pandemic.

Here is what parents need to know about schools returning:

• From Monday all students are expected at school to attend face-to-face classes full time.  The only exceptions are children who are unwell or  with a long term medical condition.

• If your child feels unwell, they must stay home under all circumstances. Parents must collect their child from school immediately if they start feeling unwell.

• Parents will no longer be able to choose to keep their kids home, and this may lead to children being marked truant.

• On site visitors not  allowed except for essential reasons.

• When taking your kids to school and picking them up, parents must abide by physical distancing rules.

• While individual schools will  determine how this will work, parents will be expected to stay inside their car and drop their children at the gates.

• School excursions, work experience and  activities which involve other visiting schools or volunteers are still cancelled.