Yamba bowler, Mick Stamp, sends one down for the North Coast side during the 2021NSW RSL Inter-Zone Bowls Carnival
Yamba bowler, Mick Stamp, sends one down for the North Coast side during the 2021NSW RSL Inter-Zone Bowls Carnival

ROUND UP: Sport news and results from across the Clarence


Grafton Indoor Archery

Results of indoor shoot held Tuesday and Thursday, February 9 and 11.

Tuesday: Beginners, Cubs, Juniors and Seniors. Scores out of 200: (15 Mts) Steve Parker 193 (Senior Sighted), Noah Shepherd 186 (Junior Sighted), Natalie Shepherd 185 (Senior Sighted), Jesse Shepherd 184 (Junior Sighted), Toby Revell 180 (Junior Sighted), Greg Parkes 178 (Senior Sighted), Ian Sherdan 167 (Senior Sighted), Kurt Johnson 146 (Senior Sighted), Merv Kerrison 134 (Senior Sighted Recurve), Eric Parkes 127 (Cub Sighted), Byron Parker 126 (Junior Sighted), Warren Hutchinson 119 (2 X’s)(Senior Traditional Recurve), Ethan McDonough 119 (1 X)(Junior Sighted), Wayne Revell 98 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Jamie Parker 96 (Junior Sighted), Jasper Revell 76 (Little Cub Sighted), Ian Revell 68 (2 X’s)(Senior Traditional Recurve), Pat McLaughlin 68 (1 X)(Senior Traditional Recurve), Sharon Parkes 59 (Senior Sighted Beginner). Score out of 100: Jaz Trickett 97 (Junior Sighted).

Thursday: Seniors, Juniors and Cubs. Scores out of 300: (15 Mts) Noah Shepherd 280 (21 X’s)(Junior Sighted), Natalie Shepherd 280 (19 X’s)(Senior Sighted), Toby Revell 267 (Junior Sighted), Greg Parkes 253 (Senior Sighted), Ian Revell 191 (5 X’s)(Senior Sighted), Jeff Thompson 191 (4 X’s)(Senior Traditional Recurve), Eric Parkes 188 (Cub Sighted), Racheal Binskin 155 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Matt West 154 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Rayne Hartley 125 (Cub Longbow), Sharon Parkes 109 (Senior Sighted Beginner). Score out of 280: Jaz Trickett 243 (Junior Sighted). Score out of 160: Jesse Shepherd 156 (Junior Sighted).

Next outdoor shoot: (3D) Sunday March 7 at Bawden’s Bridge course, 10am start. Sausage sandwiches and drinks available.

Indoor Archery at 21 Turf St Grafton, the river side of the railway line via Fitzroy St. Tuesday from 6pm. Beginners, Cubs, Juniors and Seniors. Thursday from 6pm. Seniors, Juniors, Cubs and anyone else who would like to come along.

—Jeff Thompson


Grafton District Golf Club

Results from February 20 2021

Greensill Bros. 18 Hole Stableford

Starters: 110

Overall winner: Stephen Hancock 39 pts

A grade winner: Jeff Hackett 38 pts

Runner-up: Craig Langford 37 c/b

B grade winner: Steven Camac 39 pts

Runner-up: Paul Hewitt 37

C grade winner: Christopher Kelly 38 pts

Runner-up: Wayne Creighton 34

N.T.P. 1st Pro pin – Peter Johnston 149cm, 6th – Luke Hitchings (Yamba) 234cm, 10th – Alistair Burke (Yamba) 213cm, 17th – Peter Fysh 71cm, 2nd shot 4th – Matt Davidson 210cm.

Pro balls to 33 pts or better

Visitors from – Yamba, Maclean, Howlong, Woolgoolga, Muree, Kangaroo Valley, Balwyn Allcomers golf clubs.


Yamba Men

Yamba was the host venue for the 2021 NSW RSL Inter-Zone Bowls Carnival during the week with 96 ex-service bowlers plus supporters gathered for two days of competition and camaraderie. Representatives from the Hunter, Central Coast, Mid North Coast and North Coast faced off for the annual contest. After the two days of robust competition, it was the team from the Mid North Coast who were victorious being the only zone to navigate their way through the foray undefeated. The side of Allan Conlon, Bob Worthy, Brian Woodward and Ray Schafer were the best preformed local (North Coast) side with two good wins and a very narrow loss resulting from their three games. Mid North Coast will be the host next year with the specific venue yet to be decided.

The club’s 2021 Minor Triples Championship will be contested this week with the quarter-finals on Tuesday and the semi-finals on Thursday. Both rounds of competition will commence at 5.30pm.

Nominations for the 2021 Major/Minor Pairs Championship close on Wednesday February 24 at 4.30pm. So far, a good number of entries have been received and members are encouraged to participate in this cross-category championship event.

The 2021 Zone 1 South pairs qualifying rounds will be contested next weekend, February 20-21. The Senior division will be hosted by Yamba, the State Open pairs will be played at the Maclean Bowling Club while the President’s Reserve division will be contested at Red Rock. Draws for each division are on the noticeboard.

Nominations for the 2021 Zone 1 South singles qualifiers close on Friday February 26 with competition scheduled across several dates in March. Please check the noticeboard for details.

The 2021 CRDWBA State Mixed Pairs will be played at the Yamba club on the weekend of February 27-28 with 34 teams having entered. Each team will play three games of 15 ends to determine section winners who will advance to the elimination finals rounds. Yamba has 11 sides entered plus four separate members teaming with partners from other district clubs. We wish all participants good luck as the Yamba combination of Joan Scadden and Graham Meany launch their quest for three successive titles.

Men’s social bowls is continuing on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. All games commence at 1pm and nominations can be made by telephoning the Bowls Office on 6646 8669 or by recording participation details on the nomination sheet adjacent the Bowls Office prior to 11.30am on the intended day of play.

Tuesday February 9:

Winners: Max Penfold and Tony Reynolds

Runners Up: John Luchetti and Steve Butler

Encouragement: Raff Ritale and Dave Atkinson

Friday February 12:

Winners: Rob Unicomb, Steve Cassidy and Dave Atkinson

Runners Up: Steve Farrar, Tom Cross and Tracey Jenner

Encouragement: Allan Marr, Cec Hodgkinson and Trevor Beale

—Don Freeman



This week 71 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom two were first timers and seven recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of six different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 10 volunteers: Sarah BLACKMAN • Balla TRAORE • Shamira TRAORE • Lindsay NASH • Margaret RYAN • Peter LAKE • Leila THOMPSON • Henry SHEEHAN • Mike O‘CONNELL • Kim MCKENNA

1 Lachlan WILCOX Male JM15-17 19:41

2 Jo POWELL Female VW45-49 Jetts Fitness Grafton 20:54

3 Savannah BARTLETT Female SW25-29 21:23

4 Ben SMITH Male SM30-34 22:02

5 Henry SHEEHAN Male VM50-54 22:19

6 Scott BARNIER Male VM50-54 22:46

7 Jennifer PORRA Female VW50-54 23:12

8 Hugh MARSHALL Male SM18-19 24:05

9 William MARSHALL Male JM11-14 24:07

10 Murray CONNOR Male SM30-34 24:18

11 Andrew MOULDS Male SM30-34 24:47

12 Madeline MCKEOWN Female JW15-17 25:02

13 Ryan ATKINS Male VM35-39 25:39

14 Michael MCKEOWN Male VM55-59 26:13

15 Darryll SMIDT Male VM35-39 Salvos Striders 26:18

16 N‘dea SKEELS Female VW40-44 26:27

17 Nathan BANKS Male JM15-17 Jetts Fitness Grafton 26:30

18 Cassandra POWELL Female VW40-44 Jetts Fitness Grafton 26:36

19 Stephen WHITTON Male VM55-59 27:15

20 Jenni CULLUM Female VW45-49 RUN DOWN UNDER 29:04

21 Nathan MARTIN Male VM40-44 29:07

22 Tracy ENGLISH Female VW40-44 29:16

23 Tara COMMERFORD Female JW10 29:22

24 Karen BARNIER Female VW50-54 29:32

25 Balla TRAORE Male VM35-39 29:43

26 Leonard HAMBLETON Male VM45-49 30:12

27 Dusty BEBBINGTON Female SW25-29 30:21

28 Nikki TAIT Female VW40-44 31:33

29 Nyssa LESNIAK Female VW35-39 RUN DOWN UNDER 34:43

30 Nadine COMMERFORD Female VW40-44 36:20

31 John MARSHALL Male VM55-59 36:21

32 Tania CLARK Female VW50-54 37:32

33 Christina COSTELLO Female VW50-54 Jetts Fitness Grafton 39:09

34 Emma DAVIS Female SW30-34 39:11

35 Chiara HASSETT Female SW25-29 39:18

36 David HASSETT Male VM50-54 39:19

37 Sally WHITBURN Female JW10 39:21

38 Jace MURDOCK Male JM10 40:08

39 Jonothan MURDOCK Male VM35-39 40:09

40 Sebastian HASSETT Male JM10 40:50

41 Genevieve HASSETT Female JW15-17 40:55

42 Michelle WHITTON Female VW50-54 40:59

43 Sandra FAHEY Female VW55-59 41:00

44 Melissa HYATT Female VW45-49 41:02

45 Saxon HASSETT Male JM11-14 42:07

46 Mariah HASSETT Female SW18-19 43:50

47 Gavin WHITBURN Male VM45-49 Pat Carroll Running Group 45:21

48 Siena HASSETT Female JW10 45:46

49 Erin HASSETT Female VW45-49 45:47

50 Jean TULLY Female VW65-69 46:51

51 Annie LYDON Female VW60-64 Anytime Fitness Grafton 46:51

52 Pat DUCK Male SM20-24 47:02

53 Unknown

54 Cortney KLIENDEINST Female SW25-29 47:03

55 Shamira TRAORE Female SW30-34 47:04

56 Unknown

57 Sarah HILL Female VW40-44 48:09

58 Ann PULKKINEN Female VW75-79 48:33

59 Lauri PULKKINEN Male VM45-49 48:34

60 Unknown

61 Unknown

62 Unknown

63 Margaret RYAN Female VW70-74 49:25

64 Jacqueline BLOMSTROM Female VW65-69 49:26

65 Greg I WILCOX Male VM55-59 49:28

66 Kathyn LENTFER Female VW75-79 49:29

67 Keiran SHANLEY Female VW45-49 56:11

68 Lucy HOWARD Female SW20-24 56:12

69 Daniel OLOUGHLIN Male SM25-29 56:13

70 Robert BLANCHARD Male VM55-59 56:34

71 Leila THOMPSON Female VW65-69 56:35


Grafton Services Swim Club

Another possible new member joined us for a swim this week. Annie Lydon was talked into joining us by President Steve and even though she is a long distance swimmer she seemed to enjoy the sprint races and was overheard saying that she had not swum these types of events since leaving school.

Leading up to the finals there were many disqualifications and Toni, being one of the unfortunates, was heard pleading, without any luck, to the handicapper not to adjust her time next week.

Andrew (super human) Madden swam himself into three finals; the first being the 50m freestyle and joining him on the blocks were John Wainwright, David Moon and Jenny Vickery.

On handicap, Jenny was first in the water and had a small lead before the lads took chase. As the swimmers neared the finish they were tightly grouped but Andrew managed to ease ahead and touch first only to be told that he had busted by the smallest amount of .21. Next home and registering a perfect time was David and he was followed by John and then Jenny.

Andrew swam back to the start for his next final, the 30m freestyle sprint and joined his opposition who consisted of Steve Donnelly, Terry Marsh and Jill Enks.

In a race that was over in the blink of an eye, Andrew once again was deemed to have won and a check on times confirmed that indeed he had scored the win with Marshy in second place and Steve in third.

So relieved that he had scored the win, Andrew while making his way back to the blocks for the next final was observed doing push ups and actually jogging to the start. These antics brought onlookers to their feet and laughter and applause rang out over the complex.

In this last final with Andrew were Steve Donnelly, Terry Marsh, David Moon and Jenny Vickery. Being the B B & B there were a variation of strokes: two were breast stroking, one backstroking, one doing butterfly and another doing freestyle.

Marshy was the quickest in this event and took the win just ahead of Jenny. Steve and David filled third and fourth place and “marathon man”, although last, had to be congratulated for his herculean effort.

A reminder to members that the McGearey Memorial swim is on at Lismore on March 11 and being a night time swim does not suit everybody. However it would be wonderful to see a handful of members attending.

—Toni Ensbey