A view from the banks of the Clarence River of McFarlane Bridge at Maclean. Photo: Leigh Jensen / Daily Examiner
A view from the banks of the Clarence River of McFarlane Bridge at Maclean. Photo: Leigh Jensen / Daily Examiner Leigh Jensen

Rock wall blocks park plan

THE viability of a sandstone block wall separating Maclean's McLachlan Park from the Clarence River will have council officers busy through the coming week.

Clarence Valley Council's environment, planning and works committee meeting voted to defer recommending the detailed plan for the refurbishment of the park to next week's full meeting.

The deferral will allow staff to get accurate costings, geotechnical information and a timeline for proposed construction of a sandstone wall.

Maclean Chamber of Commerce member Peter Gordon addressed council on the issue of the rock wall.

He said a layered rock wall similar to those seen around Sydney Harbour and Ballina would finish off the beautification of the park.

He said it would be a permanent addition to the park, unlike the timber boardwalk included in the plan before council.

"We're talking about a structure that would last 100 to 200 years, not the 25 or so for a timber construction," Mr Gordon said.

He said the cost would not be too prohibitive as Maclean was built on a rock shelf, which would flood proof the structure as well.

"A wall would also tidy up the riverbank as well and reduce park maintenance," he said. "All that would be required is mowing long, flat grassed areas down to where the tide mark is now."

In addition to costings for the stone wall, council staff will also take to the next meeting information requested by councillors and four other delegations.


Five groups sent delegations to the council committee meeting on Tuesday to have their say on the McLachlan Park plans.

  •  The Scottish Towns Committee: Supported the plan, but wanted a change to allow more tourist bus parking.
  •  The Maclean Chamber of Commerce: Supported the plan, but want a sandstone block wall instead of the timber boardwalk.
  •  Yaegl Elders: Want to make sure traditional Aboriginal place names are on signage in the park and a bronze figure of an Aboriginal person looking down the river is incorporated into the design.
  •  Maclean Community Action Group: Disagreed with the plan. It takes green space away from Maclean and sacrifices a large, iconic tree. The toilets don't need to be moved and the mural on the current toilet block should be retained.
  •  Maclean Cruising Yacht Club: Has concerns about costings of a sandstone wall and would like showers included in the toilet block for 'grotty yachties'.