Jordan Smith kicks off JacaRokWizz at the Pelican Playhouse on Thursday, November 9, 2017.
Jordan Smith kicks off JacaRokWizz at the Pelican Playhouse on Thursday, November 9, 2017. Simon Hughs

REVIEW: JaccaRokWizz laugh a minute

THERE is no doubt that Jordan Smith and Jimm Woodley are a dynamic duo.

With a cast of slightly unwilling audience members, the two worked together to keep the show going, despite the fact that no one knew most of the answers - except a few audience members who regularly shouted out the answers, right or wrong, on opening night of the Pelican Playhouse's JaccaRokWizz.

The quick wit of the two hosts, who were channelling Julia Zemiro and Dugald McAndrew, was on show.

With Jimm dressed as 'inset rock legend here', and Jordan pulling off a detailed purple jacket in the spirit of Jacaranda, the two young hosts were brilliant at keeping the audience and cast members entertained.

With the opening question about the first edition of The Daily Examiner not stumping special guest Dan Fahey, and Georgia Cummins, of duo Dan and Georgia, absolutely killing it on questions about local musicians The McClymonts and Tullara Connors.

In fact it wasn't just Dan's knowledge of The Daily Examiner's publication dates that wowed the audience; he knew even the most obscure of questions, about random things that have happened in Grafton throughout its history.

JaccaRokWizz is one of those shows where a lot can go wrong, but it's how the cast deals with the situation that makes it that much better.

It's impressive to see such young talent taking the stage and making controlling an unscripted live show look easy.

For that, both Jordan and Jimm deserve all the praise you can give them.

With a little audience participation when the cast members were struggling, the whole evening was hilarious, even with a few disjointed moments.

With more guests scheduled for next week's show, the event is sure to get even better.

Opera Singer Michelle Ryan, and music lover Helen Tucker will grace the stage on Friday; Ben McIver and Kim Connor on Saturday; and Asha Tatiana Dunn-Barton and Sandra Bonney on Sunday.

Don't miss your chance to have a wonderful night of laughs and answer a few difficult questions.

  • When will the new bridge be finished? Never? Find out the answer on Friday, Saturday and Sunday next week. Shows start at 7.30pm, with the Sunday show at 2pm. You can get your tickets from South Grafton News & Gifts or at the door.
JacaDaka at the Pelican :
JacaDaka at the Pelican :