KITCH: Katrina Giles, owner of Grafton retro store Orange Daze.
KITCH: Katrina Giles, owner of Grafton retro store Orange Daze. Lesley Apps

Retro store leaves customers in a daze

WITH mindless consumerism forming part of the conversation about the future of landfill and its impact on the environment, it's little wonder small businesses selling pre-loved items are taking off.

Grafton's first all-retro store Orange Daze has been enjoying a healthy trade thanks to the popularity of vintage items and a penchant for reusing perfectly good items.

A passion for collecting items from the '60s and '70s in particular, inspired former Central Coaster Katrina Giles to set up shop in Prince St after moving to Grafton with her partner David Ford two and a half years ago.

"My home on the Central Coast was filled with furniture and crockery from those decades but there are limits to what you can collect when it's filling up your house. Now I have the shop it's a good excuse to keep my hobby for collecting going.”

Katrina says she doesn't mind parting with some of her collection as she enjoys sharing it with people who love it as much as she does.

"People have really embraced the retro store. It used to sell antiques so it already had a history of retailing collectables. My range just concentrates on the second half the 20th century.”

She said when she was scouting around for a location the cafe precinct down on Fannings Corner just loaned itself to a store like Orange Daze.

"There's a bit of a bohemian edge down this end of town so I definitely wanted to be down here. It's lovely that the cafes send people my way. It's become a bit of destination for travellers. I get repeat tourists who include us on their itinerary now so it's nice to feel like you're on the map.”

Katrina said since opening in 2016 the store had expanded into pre-loved ladies' and men's fashions.

"Our Fashion Daze section upstairs has really taken off,” she said. "We weren't really expecting that but people love the boho, vintage look for music festivals and we also have good quality pre-loved designer brands that are being snapped up.”

She said people were now coming to her store with items to sell. "I used to do road trips to buy, but not so much any more.”

Katrina said her main focus was on the mid-century to 1970s but was open to quirky or unusual items from any era. "Nothing is ugly, it's just called kitsch.”

Orange Daze is open weekdays 10am-4pm; Saturdays 10am-2pm.