Casuarina Cougars. Zac Phillips kicks for goal.
Casuarina Cougars. Zac Phillips kicks for goal.

RESULTS ROUND UP: Rugby, dogs and everything in-between




Grafton Outdoor Archery

Results of Outdoor shoot: (3D) held Sunday, August 2, at Bawden's Bridge course.

Scores out of 400: Troy Carter 378 (Senior Sighted), Nathan Kendell 321 (Senior Sighted), Jesse Shepherd 306 (Junior Sighted), Noah Shepherd 277 (Junior Sighted), Alan Wilson 268 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Keith Wear 256 (Senior Sighted), Jeff Thompson 247 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Mitchell Firth 245 (Senior Longbow), Kerri-Anne Grant 242 (Senior Sighted), Gavin Bridges 233 (Senior Longbow), Toby Pennell 230 (Cub Sighted Beginner), Natalie Shepherd 229 (Senior Sighted), Ian Revell 203 (Senior Sighted), Tahaj Lindsay 188 (Junior Sighted), Krista Pennell 177 (Senior Traditional Recurve Beginner), Pat McLoughlin 149 (Senior Recurve Un-Aided). Scores out of 200: Wayne Revell 162 (Senior Sighted), Chris Glasser 158 (Senior Sighted), Toby Revell 154 (Junior Sighted), Warren Hutchinson 104 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Heath Revell 96 (Cub Sighted).

Indoor Archery: At 21 Turf St, Grafton, on the river side of the railway line via Fitzroy St. Tuesdays: From 6pm. Beginners, Cubs, Juniors and Seniors. Thursdays: From 6pm. Seniors, Juniors and anyone else who would like to come along.


Grafton Indoor Archery

Results of Indoor shoot held Tuesday and Thursday, August 4 and 6.

Tuesday: Beginners, Cubs, Juniors and Seniors.

Scores out of 200: (15 Mts) Kerri-Anne Grant 185 (Senior Sighted), Jesse Shepherd 178 (Junior Sighted), Dougal Hebblewhite 166 (Junior Sighted), Noah Shepherd 163 (Junior Sighted), Natalie Shepherd 160 (Senior Sighted), Tahlia Grant 159 (Junior Sighted), Rayne Hartley 136 (Cub Sighted), Warren Hutchinson 134 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Heath Revell 133 (Cub Sighted), Ethan McDonough 95 (Junior Sighted), Wayne Revell 73 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Ian Revell 69 (Senior Traditional Recurve).

Thursday: Seniors, Juniors and Cubs.

Scores out of 300: (20 Mt walk-up) Steven Parker 291 (Senior Sighted), Noah Shepherd 280 (25 X's)(Junior Sighted), Nathan Kendell 280 (24 X's) (Senior Sighted), Jesse Shepherd 279 (Junior Sighted), Natalie Shepherd 275 (Senior Sighted), Gordon Kelly 256 (Senior Bare Bow),

Kerri-Anne Grant 254 (Senior Sighted), Alan Wilson 223 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Warren Hutchinson 215 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Jeff Thompson 189 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Tahlia Grant 181 (Junior Sighted), Wayne Revell 149 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Phil Adams 137 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Toby Revell 85 (Junior Traditional Recurve). Scores out of 200: Rayne Hartley 141 (Cub Sighted), Jared McAlpine 103 (Junior Bare Bow). Score out of 100: Mitchell Firth 59 (Senior Longbow), Kristy Pennell 31 (Senior Traditional Recurve).

Next Outdoor shoot: (Paper I.F.A.A.) Sunday, August 16. Bawden's Bridge course. 10am Start. Sausage sandwiches and drinks available.

Jeff Thompson




ONLINE bridge continues to interest many of our members, who play several times each week. Our competition days are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On Tuesday August 4, our best players were Helen Hearnshaw and Dawn Rapley, Nettie Bennett and Jock McPherson and Helen Nyland and Bob Northam.

On Thursday August 6, Cheryl Shanley and Fran Hiatt, Maureen Gollan and Del Frawley and Jenni Sharpe and Geoff Hiatt filled the first three places.




Lawrence Croquet Club

TUESDAY brought perfect weather, greens good and the players were in good form. Golden Hoops to Karen and Carole. Jump shots to Edna and Esmae and the tricky in off shots went to Joy, Carole and Karen. Peter also played well.

Karen was in fine form and scored by splitting two balls and going through. Don't really know if this shot has a particular name - we could call it "Lucky".

Thursday was another lovely day, Yvonne celebrated her first jump shot. No stopping her now. Esmae had another Golden Hoop and Tonia is still hitting shots on demand - she is an asset to any team.

New players are always welcome. Our days of play are Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8.30am. All equipment is supplied. The cost to play is $6 per session.

For more information contact Carole Radford 0427783330 or Karen Marsden 0437157198 or just turn up to play. We are located at the Lawrence Golf Course, Anne/March Street.

Kathy Trim


Croquet at Yamba Bowling Club

LAST Wednesday was a beautiful morning that definitely had a touch of spring to it and we played a mix of seven point and five point games.

The winning teams of the seven point games were Diane/Graham, Sue R/Mal, Pat/Sue R, David/Graham, Susie M/Peter. The five point games went to John/Ray, Toni/David, Ray/John, John/Toni, Ray/Mal, Genny/Pat, Susie M/Toni. In triples Fay defeated Pam and Peter and in singles Peter won over Susie M.

Congratulations to Steve Jenner who participated in July's " Ks FOR R U O K " and walked 440km over 151 hours here in Yamba, that is a great effort.

Join us on Wednesdays arrive 8.30am for 9am hit off. New members and visitors welcome (flat soled shoes are a must). All equipment supplied and people to teach you the game of "Golf Croquet" or if you are already playing we would love to have game with you. Cost is $10. Contact John and Fay Church 66458189 or Graham Schubert. 66458073 or just turn up. See you at Croquet at the Bowlo.

Graham Schubert




Grafton District Golf Club Tuesday Vets Results

Date: 4/8/2020

Event: 18 Hole Stableford

Starters: 90

Winner: John Tracey 39pts

Runner Up: Alan Hogan 37 pts

2nd Runner Up: Gary Pym 36pts c/b

Nearest the Pin Sponsor: Clarence Valley Sheds

Nearest the Pin Sponsor: Grafton District Golf Club

Ball Run Down: Net Score 30 pts c/b


Grafton District Golf Club Thursday Men's Results

Date: 6/8/2020

Event: 18 Hole Stableford

Sponsored by: GDGC

Starters: 68

Winner: Eli Fahey 44 pts

Runner-up: Brian Woodham 41pts

2nd R/up John Thompson 40pts

NTP's sponsored by: Dougherty Property

Pro Balls: 31


Maclean Vets

ON MONDAY August 3, Maclean vets played a single Stableford event. It was the monthly medal as well as the first round of the vets championships.

There was an almost record field of 54 starters. I think the fact that we are playing for the very prestigious Cutter and Buck engraved pen brings people out of the woodwork as it is every golfers dream to win one of these.

The winner this time was Kim Wiblen. Kim had a great round to come in with 41 points ahead of runner up Richard Parker with 39. This was a pleasant return to form for Richard who has been struggling a bit lately.

In 3rd place was Phil Robinson with 38 points. The ball winners were Bill Rorke -38, Amanda Barwick, Mark Hemmy and Theo Sheppard -36, John Carlton, Geoff Grayson, Chris Blackman and Matt Young all on 35 and then Garry Stockwell, Steve McMahon, Glen Crooks and Greg Saul all with 34 points.

Our next game is a shot gun start on August 17 and will be the second round of the championships. The Coraki open day is coming up on August 25 and the Lismore day is on September 8.

The NSW vets Association has given us $300 this year in lieu of us not having our open day so towards the end of September we are going to run our own open day just for the Maclean members using this money as prize money. Probably September so keep this date in mind.




Grafton Greyhound Racing Club, Monday August 3

Race 1: Ladbrokes Maiden 305m

1. Vicmyster - Fiona Geary $4.00

2. One Valley $5.00

3. El Roller $3.40

Time: 17.57

Margins: 1 Length x 1 ½ Lengths

Race 2: Ladbrokes Boost 1-2 Win Heat 5th Grade 305m

1. Jet Black Beach - Stephen Attwater $5.00

2. Ultimate Display $4.60

3. Ducati Blue $9.00

Time 17.54

Margins Nose x 3 ½ Lengths

Race 3: Ladbrokes Boost 1-2 Wins Heat 2 5th Grade 305m

1. Bokarm Bella - Leslie Purnell $16.00

2. Variety Show $2.90

3. Mac Zephyr $2.30

Time: 17.75

Margins: 1 ¼ Lengths x 1 Length

Race 4: GDSC Maiden 407m

1. Mixed Bag - Trevor Rice $7.50

2. He Speeds $18.00

3. Double Bonus $3.90

Time: 23.69

Margins: 9 ¼ Lengths X ¾ Length

Race 5: Georges Tree Services Non-Grade 407m

1. Hootin' Annie - Leon Cunningham $16.00

2. Lyndan Picture $14.00

3. Magical Mia $6.50

Time: 23.12

Margins: Head X 1 ¼ Length

Race 6: Village Green Hotel 5th Grade 407m

1. Not Out Cloud - Gavin Lowe $2.10

2. Hidden Sniper $31.00

3. Slipping Away $4.20

Time: 23.19

Margins: 3 ¾ Lengths x ½ Length

Race 7: Clarence Valley Sheds FFA 305m

1 Kingsbrae Trevor - Andrew Monaghan $5.50

2. Star Helen $2.00

3. Tight Circle $81.00

Time: 17.38

Margins: 5 ¼ length X 1 ¾ Length

Race 8: Ladbrokes Multi 5th Grade 305m

1. Stigmatize - Benjamin Ellis $3.80

2. Laurie's Bonus $1.95

3. She's Invictive $5.50

Time: 17.96

Margins: 2 Lengths X 2 Lengths

Race 9: "Ron "Skinner Marine and Auto Mixed 4/5 480m

1 Fernando Marks - Michael Landrigan $3.30

2. Spookie Magic $3.60

3. Lucy Van Pelt $8.00

Time: 27.62

Margins: 2 Lengths x Nose

Race 10: Ladbrokes Cash In Masters

1. Eggs Shell Cloud - Deborah Lowe $1.33

2. Magical Rae Rose $6.50

3. Hold Your Fire $4.80

Time: 17.84

Margins: ½ Length x 5 ¼ Lengths




Far North Coast Rugby Union


First Grade

Wollongbar Alstonville 76 (Sam Kerry 3, Ben Damen 2, Hamish Mould 2, James Vidler, Rory Collings, Lachlan Thompson, Jake Lubrano, Austin Markwort tries, Sam Kerry 8 conversions) d Lismore 5 (Cameron Bryant try)

Half Time: Wollongbar 40 - Lismore 5


Lennox Head 48 (Kel Sheather 2, Harry Bungate 2, John Young, Angus Langfield, Brad McGoulrick tries, Berrick barnes 5 conversions, penalty goal) d Grafton 7 (Wirri Boland try, Kyle Hancock conversion)

Half Time: Lennox 14 - Grafton 0


Ballina 106 (Sam Giltrap 5, Ant Lolohea 4, Brad Brown 2, Zane Barrett, Jake Smith, Nick Watson, Terry Ferguson, Brett Johnston tries, Sam Giltrap 13 conversions) d Casino 0

Half Time: Ballina 56 - Casino 0


Point Score - Wollongbar 20, Ballina 16, Lennox 16, Bangalow 15, Casuarina 13, Grafton 2, Casino 1, Lismore 0


Reserve Grade

Lennox Head 53 d Grafton 5

Wollongbar 31 d Lismore 5

Ballina 33 d Casino 5

Under 18's

Ballina 45 d Casino 22



Ballina 12 d Casino 5

Wollongbar 24 d Lismore 22

Lennox Head 17 d Evans River 12


Presidents Cup

Byron Bay 22 d Evans River 12

Richmond Range 21 d SCU 10

Iluka 48 d Tenterfield 7