A man has been jailed after breaching his parole by contacting his former partner.
A man has been jailed after breaching his parole by contacting his former partner. Max Pixel

Repeat DV offender jailed for parole breaches

AFTER four months behind bars, and facing the prospect of a jail term until January 2020, a Grafton man was released on parole, under strict instructions not to contact his former partner.

Those instructions failed to stop Nathan Daniel Nunan from consistently calling his ex-partner's Lismore workplace and creating a fake Facebook profile in an attempt to message her, from the very day he was released from Corrective Services custody.

The 42-year-old appeared in Grafton Local Court on Monday via audio-visual link after entering guilty pleas to contravening an apprehended violence order restriction and stalking/intimidating, intending fear of physical harm.

According to police facts tendered to the court, Nunan was on parole after serving four months of an 18-month prison term, after he was charged and sentenced for three weeks of repeatedly calling, harassing, threatening and verbally abusing the victim and her colleagues in July.

During these calls Nunan threatened extreme violence against the victim and other staff, as well as threatened to cause excess damage to the business.

The calls were so frequent, they had a detrimental impact on the general functioning of the business.

Nunan was charged and sentenced over the harassing phone calls and threats in the last week of July, and released on parole on November 24. The conditions of his parole, as well as the AVO which was to run until July 4, 2020, was a complete ban on contact with the victim and any place of work.

However, on the very day he was released on parole, Nunan called the victim's place of work, and left a message for her, saying it was "Nathan" and he "was out of the nick". From November 24 and December 4 Nunan made a number of calls to the victim's workplace, and on one occasion when an employee recognised his voice and told him to stop calling, he called the employee a "c-".

When the victim's employer expressed concern the phone calls were a repeat of the behaviour from July, the victim remembered a missed call from an unknown person on Facebook messenger. Further investigation revealed the account was a fake profile made by Nunan in an attempt to contact the victim.

On December 4 Nunan was arrested in Fitzroy St.

In Grafton Local Court on Monday, Nunan's solicitor Mark Savic said his client has had drug use problems which contributed to his offending, and said Nunan was extremely remorseful.

Mr Savic said five weeks in prison after his parole was again revoked was hard on Nunan and made a submission for his client to receive an intensive corrections order.

Magistrate Karen Stafford opted for a harsher penalty, and sentenced Nunan to an 18 months prison, with a nine month non-parole period.