Rather than condemn Sally Rogers, commit to a rescue pet

THE pooch at the centre of our household was adopted from Happy Paws six years ago. And she's been an intrinsic part of the pack ever since.

Her appearance and mannerisms were so intriguing we got a doggie DNA test done that went back five generations of parentage.

It revealed a fascinating smorgasbord of breeds from kelpie and red cattle dog through to staffy, greyhound and German short-haired pointer with a bit of stumpy-tailed cattle dog thrown in for good measure.

You can see distinctive pieces of each of these breeds in her coat, her body shape and her very expressive face.

She certainly has multiple personalities and now we know why. But we love every one of them, as delightful and annoying as breed-specific behaviours can be.

She runs like the wind and her extensive displays of regimental army marching and springbok leaping keeps onlookers amused for hours.

"Is that a dog?" is often asked. She also climbs trees - but that's another story.

The thing is Jonie was from a litter that was dumped after another poor dog whose owner couldn't be bothered desexing them was impregnated by another dog whose owner couldn't be bothered desexing him.

She is one of the lucky ones (excessively spoiled might be a closer to the truth) but the fact is she would not have needed saving by Happy Paws from an early death or neglect if people were responsible and treated pets with the respect they deserve.

Sally Rogers, whose drive to save neglected and discarded dogs and cats from being destroyed because society can't get its act together, is the reason thousands of Jonies are getting a chance at a better life.

That's at the foundation of what Sally is doing.

Quite often the desire to do everything for every animal can become overwhelming and expensive very quickly because god knows there are a lot of irresponsible jerks out there enabling this endless travesty. Besides dumped animals Sally also helps pets in crisis like those whose owners lost their homes in Nymboida bushfires.

Trying to surmount a mountain like this is hard going and can land you in court if you aren't meeting the required duty of care but I doubt very much Sally is doing this on purpose.

In the few hours it took her to appear before the magistrate this week someone had left another five puppies at Happy Paws.

So with that in mind, it's pretty galling seeing the hatred directed at a woman whose only crime is to try to clean up someone else's mess as best she can.

She's not dealing drugs. She's saving animals' lives.

So, rather than spending your time condemning her, perhaps think about alleviating the pressure she's under by making a donation or opting for rescue dog or cat next time you grow your pack.

Jonie and I can highly recommend it.