Richmond Valley Council is cracking down on illegal campers.
Richmond Valley Council is cracking down on illegal campers.

Rangers working overtime to crack down on illegal campers

Illegal camping in the Evans Head area is on the rise, but the council says it will take a zero tolerance approach.

Richmond Valley Council rangers have warned travellers that parking overnight in car parks is against the law and they will be fined and ordered to move on.

Rangers have recently issued a number of fines to van owners illegally parked in Evans Head.

General manager Vaughan Macdonald said the council was well aware of the issue and took a proactive stance.

He said it was a common one during holiday seasons, particularly summer, but council rangers were working overtime.

"Camping is not permitted in any council car park and we ask that if people are visiting us, please observe the parking rules," Mr Macdonald said.

"These rules are in place for a reason.

"If overnight camping was allowed in our car parks they would be overflowing with visitors and the limited public amenities would not cope.

"It's important that council takes its responsibility to enforce parking rules seriously for the benefit of local residents and businesses, as many businesses rely on travellers to pay for accommodation, and also buy food and fuel in our towns.

"That's why we will continue to monitor our car parks and ensure van owners receive infringement notices if they break the rules."

For those looking for free camping, the council recently established a short-stay campground for campervans and camper trailers at the Casino Showground, were self-contained visitors can stay free for up to 48 hours.