Clarence Valley Council general manager Ashley Lindsay.
Clarence Valley Council general manager Ashley Lindsay. Adam Hourigan

POWER 30: GM accepts win for all of Clarence Valley Council

WHEN Clarence Valley Council general manager Ashley Lindsay sat down on Saturday morning with a cup of tea to read the final part of The Daily Examiner's Power 30 list, the last thing he expected was to see his name at the top of the list.

Appointed the top job in July 2017, Mr Lindsay has helped usher in changes in the organisation while dealing with the task of restoring financial stability and the public's trust after divisive changes such as the special rates variation.

Mr Lindsay said he felt being named number one was recognition of improvements across the entire council.

"I certainly was very shocked to be number one, I didn't expect to be there but it's a great honour to be recognised in that way," Mr Lindsay said.

"I'm so pleased about the recognition for what (the) council has achieved in last 12 to 18 months. It's been hard work and a concerted effort to change the organisation. It's not just me, it's been a team effort from the senior executive and all staff and the councillors too.

"The operational aspects is something we've been working really hard to change, the culture of the organisation, and (the) focus on staff and service delivery and being more responsive to the community."

Mr Lindsay said he tried to be engaged and open with the community.

"In the past everyone said you could never get a meeting with the GM but I'm pretty open to meeting with anyone and that's been my focus to try and personalise the position a bit more and get out into the community," he said.

"I think (the) council had lost the support of the community to a point... my focus has been trying to engage with the community better from GM office perspective."

NO.1: Ashley Lindsay: When appointed Clarence Valley Council general manager in July 2017, Ashley Lindsay was charged with restoring the council's financial stability and to win back the public's trust in the organisation.