Supt Toby Lindsay urges people to be kind to one another during this stressful time.
Supt Toby Lindsay urges people to be kind to one another during this stressful time.

‘Police will intervene’: those not following health warnings

THE message is clear - be patient and tolerant.

Richmond Police District Superintendent Toby Lindsay is calling on the public to listen to the health warnings and do the right thing to help reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

"It's really crucial members of the communities observe the social distancing requirements and all the other advice and direction that has been provided by way of public health orders and announced by both state and federal government," Supt Lindsay said.

"Help each other out, make sure we understand how important it is that we take these steps at the moment to socially distance ourselves to stop the spread and help the health services.

"The local health district is working very hard to make sure our community remains safe, and you can see that across NSW."

Supt Lindsay said the community can expect to see a higher presence of police around the region to ensure people are following the new guidelines of social distancing and self-isolation, when necessary.

"As our community members have seen over the last number of weeks, we have been increasing our high visibility patrols across the district," he said.

"That extends to all of our towns to ensure that the community understand we are there to ensure safety and instil confidence in the community - the police are there to help.

"Understand that we need people to comply with the directions given by health authorities.

And if need be, we will intervene, we don't want to but the police will intervene, so people need to comply with those directions."

After weeks of upheaval and "panic buying" since the pandemic began, Supt Lindsay said most people were now coming to terms with the new reality and were being more respectful.

"There's been a change in people's behaviour," he said.

"Those concerns about panic buying have slowed down in our area to some degree.

"We all need to be mindful for the fact that there will be changes to our routine and our daily behaviour that will be here for some time.

"Locally, we probably need to be more tolerant about when we can go shop and what we can get when we shop.

"We need to be mindful of each other, be patient and tolerant."