A Grafton woman has faced court for a series of drug supply offences.
A Grafton woman has faced court for a series of drug supply offences.

Police strike force catches out Grafton woman’s drug dealing

A Grafton woman has faced court this week after pleading guilty to a series of drug supply offences.

Cassandra Skinner appeared in Grafton Local Court on Monday where she was sentenced for three charges of supplying a prohibited drug.

According to court documents the 34-year-old came to the attention of a NSW Police strike force that was established to investigate the alleged drug supply activities of another person, which involved the lawful interception of their target's phone service between March 24 and April 17 last year.

The agreed facts state that during the phone intercepts Skinner was identified as an associate of the second individual for the purpose of drug supply. The court heard that over a number of text messages and phone conversations Skinner agreed to supply methylamphetamine.

The court heard that on March 31 last year Skinner supplied 0.1g of methylamphetamine in exchange for a tab of LSD.

On April 1 court documents show that the target of the police strike force had a number of discussions with Skinner to purchase methylamphetamine, which saw Skinner sell the person 1.75g of the drug.

Later that month on April 30 police attended Skinner's Grafton residence and executed a search warrant. Upon arrival Skinner was detained as she attempted to flee the premises.

The court heard Skinner was searched and found inside her bra were three plastic bags which contained ecstasy tablets. Two of the bags contained 10 tablets and there was a single tablet in the third bag. In total 21 tablets were seized from the accused, and they were all marked and in the same shape as the Superman logo.

Police seized Skinner's mobile phone and it was forensically examined, which revealed that on April 25 Skinner sent two text messages to the strike force's person of interest that said "got supermans" and "got supermans for ya (sic)".

Police facts revealed there was a large amount of evidence located on the accused's phone that established she had been involved in the supply of prohibited drugs for a prolonged period of time.

In Grafton Local Court on Monday magistrate Kathy Crittenden sentenced Skinner to a community correction order for 12 months. Skinner was also ordered to perform 100 hours community service work, and undergo drug and alcohol rehabilitation.