PIZZA MY HEART: New pizza place open

TARTAN Pizza shop owners Shane Obrist and Damian Sowerbutts learned a valuable lesson during their opening weekend: nothing stays a secret for too long in the Clarence Valley.

Despite carefully withholding their number and even leaving the outside lights switched off to achieve a 'soft' opening, the pair ended up making 120 pizzas within four hours.

As it turns out, their number was leaked following a taste-testing event prior to opening, causing a gastronomic frenzy amongst lower river residents keen to share Maclean's latest offering.

"That was a pretty good night; we were really happy," Mr Sowerbutts said.

Four years ago, the dough duo were on the lookout for somewhere to eat while visiting Maclean.

"There were no pizza places at the time," Mr Obrist said.

"(We) found an opening in that market."

After looking at 15 possible venues, they finally found the perfect spot on 245 River Street, the old location of Endessa's Beauty.

"The community has a need and we are meeting that need," Mr Sowerbutts said.

"The community needs pizza, and pizza needs the community."

As such, the pair pride themselves on supporting local suppliers for their ingredients.

"We like to say we are proving a cheesy, bready' delicious, indulgence that is full of flavour and not so full of guilt," Mr Sowerbutts said.

However, this achievement has been the result of researching pizza for the past three years.

Little touches like their dough, which is created daily from scratch, went through trial and error where they trialled different types of flour to make sure they got it right.

"The value is something that stands out to people," Mr Sowerbutts said.