Photo reveals devastating loss after Valley bushfires

THE charred remains of a large python became a devastating reminder of the destruction of last week's bushfires.
Wooloweyah resident Erin Brady was taking part in a rubbish clean-up along Lakes Boulevard and Angourie Road when she came across the gruesome scene.

"It broke my heart," she said.

"All the trees were incinerated and sadly a lot of wildlife, like this snake, didn't survive."

However, Ms Brady said it was more upsetting to see that the bushfire revealed a significant amount of rubbish dumped into bushland over the years.

A python was killed in the recent bushfires
Ms Brady happened upon the python which was killed in the recent bushfires. Erin Brady

"I filled seven bags in about 500 metres. There were so many bottles, I couldn't go a few steps without having to stop and pick up a few more," she said.

"All that was left from the fire were bottles people had tossed into the bush over the years and death."

WIRES said there are many ways that people can assist wildlife in distress:

  • If you are living in or near bushfire affected areas area you can help affected wildlife by leaving water bowls out for wildlife in your garden.
  • Don't enter fire affected areas to search for wildlife - please leave this to trained personnel
  • If you do find injured wildlife, if it is safe to do so, please wrap the animal in a towel and place in a secure box. The call your local wildlife group (see below) or take the animal to your nearest vet
  • Don't attempt to handle dangerous animals such as koalas, adult kangaroos and wallabies, snakes or bats - always call for help.
  • After the fires, continue to make water available. If wildlife in your area are short of food contact Wires for advice and assistance.

For wildlife assistance, contact WIRES on 1300 094 737