One Nation leader Pauline Hanson prepares to take on the banks
One Nation leader Pauline Hanson prepares to take on the banks

Pauline Hanson ready to take on banks over farmers

FIREBRAND Senator Pauline Hanson could be pushing the government closer to holding a Royal Commission into the country's four biggest banks, and their treatment of farmers.

She has told NewsCorp the Coalition had vowed to support a One Nation-led inquiry into the banks over fears the lenders were forcing farmers to default so they could repossess properties.

Ms Hanson told the Courier-Mail farmers were "absolutely devastated".

"They've been locked off their land. They've lost their chattels, their stock. There have been suicides," she said.

"They (farmers) can't afford the legals. They can't fight. I've seen documents that show clearly that signatures have been forged."

A Senate Inquiry into the banks would still require the support of fellow crossbenchers, the Greens or the Labor Opposition.

Ms Hanson is thought to be attempting to push the Senate Inquiry as part of a larger plan to fight for a Royal Commission into the banks, something ruled out by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Fighting the banks over their treatment of farmers has been a key part of the One Nation leader's return to the national political fray.

Her embattled Senator Rod Culleton has long been involved in the Rural Action Movement, which has protested bank foreclosures in Western Australia.

Ahead of his election to the Senate, Mr Culleton said his reason for entering politics was "to keep people like these cattle families on the land".

In the months since, Mr Culleton's past has put him on a path potentially to the High Court, after he was found to have had a criminal record -- for stealing keys from a tow truck -- at the time of his election.

That record could be grounds for his disqualification from the Senate.