Paddle powering on way to Canberra

3rd January 2017 3:47 PM
OCEAN PADDLE: Well-wishers brave the rain to greet kayaker and eco-warrior Steve Posselt, as he paddles into Yamba's Whiting Beach. OCEAN PADDLE: Well-wishers brave a storm to greet kayaker and eco-warrior Steve Posselt after he paddled into Yamba's Whiting Beach.

DRIVING rain and a thunderstorm at his back had little effect on Steve Posselt's kayak into Yamba's Whiting Beach on Monday.

The 64-year-old climate change activist had already been surrounded by water for two days, with many more to come if he gets to his intended destination of Canberra.

There, he plans to present a petition on the need for climate change action, and his aim is to collect 100,00 signatures for the Climate Emergency Declaration along the way.

Mr Posselt started his journey on Sunday, launching his ocean-going kayak Old Yella in Ballina to make the 1150km voyage to Moruya on the South Coast.

When the soggy adventurer pulled his vessel into Whiting Beach at the end of his second day on the water, he was greeted by a group of local supporters.

There he described the journey so far as "easy peasy".

It may not be so easy for the average person, but it certainly pales in comparison to his last journey for climate change, which took him from Canberra to Paris.

He was attempting to make it to the climate change summit, but after paddling up to the Eiffel Tower he was forbidden from dragging his kayak through the streets of Paris due to recent terrorist attacks.

"So I came home with my tail between my legs, took eight months to recover and thought why don't I finish off with a little paddle to Canberra and get some signatures," he said.

With 10,000 people signing only two days in, he's definitely going in the right direction.

"The most significant thing is the support we're getting," Mr Posselt said.

"From two years ago when I left us nobody wanted to talk about climate change. The media wouldn't talk to me, apart from on the Northern Rivers, and in America they weren't keen. Now, there's all sorts of support everywhere. It's fantastic."

You can follow his voyage via the website www.