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LET'S NOT WAIT: Speed changes take a village

FOR years, the difference between life and death for many families was at the mercy of luck and timing.

Now, thanks to the passionate efforts of its residents and The Daily Examiner's 'Let's Not Wait' campaign, Ulmarra is finally one step closer to becoming a safer place to live.

On Friday, MP Chris Gulaptis announced an extension of the 50km/h speed limit after a detailed review of the speed zone was carried out over the past several weeks.

Read all about the announcement, and the community's reaction here.

Such an announcement might seem small, but it is a huge achievement for the tireless campaigning of Ulmarra residents who just want to feel safe in their own homes.

The gravity of the situation hit home for the The Daily Examiner team in January when we covered a story about two trucks colliding, with one B-double coming to rest a few metres from a young family who were asleep.

After seeing the carnage, The Daily Examiner took up the fight and launched the 'Let's Not Wait' campaign to help residents get results after their pleas had gone unanswered.

The indentations in the soil from that incident are still there, as are the remains of last year's high-speed chase that ended in flames.

But they're slowly disappearing beneath new vegetation and renewed hope of a safer life for all residents.