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The Daily Examiner newspaper Photo Adam Hourigan / The Daily Examiner Adam Hourigan

Join us for our 160th birthday

WHAT'S your earliest memory of The Daily Examiner?

The size, appearance and style of the oldest regional daily masthead in NSW has undergone frequent transformations over the years as technologies and reporting styles have evolved.

We often hear comparisons about back in the day, when The Daily Examiner contained more local content, reporting was of a higher standard, and there were fewer errors. Truth be told, those 'back in the day' probably heard the same comments.

How much merit lies in those statements? Do we all wear rose-coloured glasses that provide a skewed perception about how great the past was? Or were things simply better in the good old days?

Now is your chance to find out for yourself, and delve through history at our open day.

Given the proud legacy of this publication, I'm sure it was a leader in its field, and I feel privileged to carry the baton into the future and hope our team continues to do it justice.

Please join us at our office at 55 Fitzroy St, Grafton, for morning tea and to check out our exhibition between 9am and noon on Friday, June 21 - exactly 160 years since the first edition was published in 1859.

This Saturday's edition includes a special look back at The Daily Examiner's 160-year history, including the major changes over the years, significant events and some of the more incredible stories.