Online experience will soon have that traditional feel

Dear reader,

Yes, our print edition is no more. But we know many of you appreciated seeing how the region's best stories of the day were curated in print through our Digital Print Edition.

So we're in the process of launching a new version of it, a special four-page Digital Edition highlighting the most major stories as they would have appeared in paper.

It's in development and will be ready to launch within a fortnight. It's one of the innovations we'll be introducing to make sure readers from this region can consume the news the way they want to.

Our commitment to local journalism remains unchanged. We've moved to the platform where most of our readers are, but we're not willing to give up the tradition of page design just yet.

We've seen an explosion of interest in online since the announcement about the print closure. Hundreds of people have signed up for a year's subscription, taking advantage of the bonus Samsung galaxy Tablet we are currently offering.

Thousands across the State have also taken up the offer of a free two-month subscription to trial the online experience.

To take up either of those offers, CLICK HERE 

For those readers who still want the feel of ink on their hands, don't forget our most important stories are appearing daily in our sister paper, The Daily Telegraph.

You'll find a two-page spread of our material inside today.

Print or online, we're still for you. And always will be.

Yours sincerely,  

Bill North